Startup Showcase: m³ter – The Metering and Pricing Engine for SaaS Companies

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Introducing m³ter, the metering and pricing engine for SaaS companies that makes deploying and managing usage-based pricing a breeze. With its cloud-based solution designed for developers, m³ter provides maximum security required for major enterprises and easily integrates with existing systems. Let’s dive in and explore why software businesses love m³ter.

Metering – Ingesting Usage and Cost Data at Scale

One of the biggest challenges for SaaS companies is capturing usage data at scale, particularly for those with millions of users. m³ter simplifies this by capturing usage data from any source and storing it in the cloud securely. This not only reduces time spent capturing data manually, but it also ensures accuracy – no more discrepancies between billing and usage data.

Rating – Configuring Pricing of Any Complexity

m³ter makes configuring pricing a walk in the park. With our user-friendly interface, businesses can easily configure pricing of any complexity and calculate spend amounts in real time. Moreover, with configurable alerts, customer-facing roles can identify sales opportunities and increase sales and success productivity.

Intelligence – Delivering Usage, Cost, and Spend Data

Understanding usage, cost, and spend data is critical for successful pricing strategies. m³ter delivers usage, cost, and spend data wherever it is needed throughout the stack, making it easy to track and manage any changes. m³ter also enhances the customer experience by providing customers with running totals and usage forecasts, allowing them to manage their usage and stay within service limits.

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Painless Billing Operations

Painless billing operations are essential for SaaS companies, and m³ter delivers this effortlessly. By automatically calculating bills and providing an overview of customer usage, businesses can reduce time spent invoicing manually, eliminating the risk of human error. With enhanced billing features and improved customer support, m³ter provides an outstanding experience for both customers and employees.

Increased Sales and Success Productivity

By providing configurable alerts to your team, m³ter can help increase sales and success productivity. These alerts allow customer-facing roles to identify sales opportunities immediately and provide customers with tailored offers. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also increases sales potential while freeing up time for your team members.


Overall, m³ter is an excellent tool for SaaS companies looking to streamline their billing operations, gain insights into usage and pricing, and increase their sales productivity. For more information and to book a demo, visit the m³ter website or check out their Twitter and LinkedIn pages.




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