Startup Showcase: MatLogica – Revolutionizing Complex Calculations with Deep Tech Innovation

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As the world becomes more reliant on technology, businesses are facing an urgent need to accelerate their computational capabilities. Enter, MatLogica – an early-stage deeptech startup that is revolutionizing computationally-intensive programs with a cutting-edge framework that enables a new approach to Machine Learning applications. MatLogica’s patent-pending technology can effortlessly accelerate complex calculations by 6-100x and automatically compute sensitivities using automatic differentiation. In this startup showcase, we’ll explore how MatLogica’s innovation is disrupting the industry and what it means for businesses worldwide.

Enhancing Complex Modeling Software with Deep Tech Innovation

MatLogica’s framework is a much-needed tool for many industries, including medical research and diagnosis, space research, geophysics, weather modeling, and many others. Their technology allows software developers to achieve 6-100x speed-ups for complex modeling software, and to compute sensitivities automatically using automatic differentiation. What sets MatLogica apart is its ability to generate optimized machine code that takes full advantage of resources available on a modern CPU (vectorization and multithreading) on-the-fly, making it possible for clients to process overnight-batches in real-time.

MatLogica’s Framework Benefits:

  • Accelerates complex calculations by 6-100x
  • Automatically computes sensitivities using AAD
  • Effortlessly generates optimized machine code
  • Takes full advantage of the resources available on a modern CPU (vectorization and multithreading)
  • Cost-effective solution that contributes to a greener environment

Empowering Businesses to Design Better Models and Achieve Better Results

MatLogica’s innovation empowers businesses to design better models quickly and efficiently, contributing to better business results. Software support costs are lower, and there’s a significant reduction in the amount of hardware needed to run a particular program. Clients can extend the lifetime of modern hardware while contributing to a greener environment by wasting less electricity. Their technology is easy to integrate and provides a much-needed tool for many industries.

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Recognition and Awards

MatLogica’s innovation has received worldwide recognition, and it’s been recognized as Category Leaders in Dec 2021 ‘Chartis xVA RiskTech Quadrant.’ This achievement reflects the commitment and dedication that MatLogica’s team has worked on for the past two years, and it’s only the beginning.


Overall, MatLogica’s innovation is disrupting the industry with cutting-edge technology that enables businesses to achieve more efficient and cost-effective results. Their technology represents a significant step forward for businesses seeking to improve their computational capabilities and design better models contributing to better business results. With a strong commitment to research and development, MatLogica is poised for continued growth and innovation.





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