Startup Showcase: Measure Protocol – A Blockchain Powered Economy for Human-Generated Data

Empowering Individuals to Take Control of their Perceived Value

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Are you tired of feeling like your personal data is being used without your consent and without proper compensation? Are you ready for a transformative technology that allows users to control their data privacy while earning fair compensation? Look no further than Measure Protocol, the blockchain powered economy for human-generated data.


The world is powered by data, and much of that data is generated by individuals like you and me. From our shopping habits to our interests, our social media activity, and even our health data, the information about us is in high demand from companies and organizations looking to drive their business forward. Unfortunately, many of us have little to no control over how our data is being used, and we are often compensated poorly or not at all.

Measure Protocol is on a mission to change that. By building a blockchain-powered marketplace for human-generated data, Measure Protocol is enabling individuals to take control of their data value and maintain sovereignty over their personal information.

What is Measure Protocol?

Measure Protocol is a new blockchain-based protocol that facilitates the network and infrastructure to form a marketplace for human-generated data. On one side of the market, individuals can contribute data by completing tasks, surveys, or providing access to data sources such as health and location data. On the other side are buyers of person-based data, such as marketers, researchers, and advertisers.

The unique aspect of Measure Protocol is that it provides a software and public blockchain that allows buyers to interact directly with individuals in a way that protects the privacy of the individual, incentivizes accuracy, and provides transparency around data usage and payment. The protocol’s primary goal is to maximize the supply of accurate, representatively sampled data about individuals.

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How Does it Work?

Individuals can join the Measure Protocol network and start earning compensation for contributing data. This can include completing surveys, providing access to location data, or even participating in product testing. The platform ensures that user data remains anonymous and secure while offering complete transparency to buyers regarding the data they are acquiring.

Buyers can access data through the platform, and the protocol ensures that they are obtaining high-quality and accurately sourced data. This helps to make sure that companies are using precise data to inform their business decisions, while rewarding the individuals who have contributed their valuable information.

Benefits of Measure Protocol:

There are several benefits to using Measure Protocol for both individuals and companies alike. These include:

  • Empowering individuals: Measure Protocol puts control of data privacy and value back in the hands of individuals, allowing them to receive fair compensation for their contributions.
  • Quality data: The platform ensures data accuracy and representative sampling through standardized pricing models and reputation systems.
  • Improved business decision-making: Buyers can obtain precise data to inform their business decisions, resulting in better products, services, and marketing strategies.


Measure Protocol is a groundbreaking technology that is paving the way for a new era of data privacy and accuracy. By introducing a blockchain-based protocol that operates on a marketplace model, the platform allows individuals to take control of their perceived value while providing high-quality data for buyers. With Measure Protocol, individuals can now get compensated for their valuable contributions and ensure their personal information is kept private.

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