Startup Showcase: Merchr – A Revolutionary Print-On-Demand Platform

Unlock Your Designing, Publishing, and Profit-Making Potential - With Merchr

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Merchr is a London-based startup that provides a unique solution for those who want to monetise their content by creating merchandise collections. As a print-on-demand platform, Merchr offers no inventory, no risk, and an on-time shipping guarantee. The startup believes in providing a hassle-free and straightforward process for its users, without requiring them to have any design experience. In this startup showcase, we’ll delve deeper into Merchr’s offerings and explore how it simplifies the merchandise creation process.

Design and Publish, without Any Hassle

Merchr’s goal is to empower anyone who wishes to create merchandise, regardless of their skill levels. The platform offers curated collections of products and designs that are suitable for all industries, from sports, music, charity, and more. Users can make amendments, customizations, and personalize their merchandise with ease. Additionally, Merchr makes it possible to upload these designs onto an existing store or a newly created one, within minutes.

No Inventory Risk, No Expensive Fees

Merchr’s print-on-demand model is the perfect solution for those who want to create merchandise collections but don’t have the means or resources to manage inventory. With traditional models, having inventory can be a risk, especially since there is no guarantee that products will sell. However, with Merchr’s print-on-demand model, products are only produced as and when they are needed. This method eliminates the need for upfront costs, storage, and inventory management. Furthermore, the platform operates on a low-cost fee structure, enabling users to maximise their profits while keeping expenses down.

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A Perfect Fit for Your Industry

Merchr serves a broad range of users that includes influencers, artists, bands, online brands, YouTubers, gamers, schools, charities, and anyone who wants to monetize their content. The platform’s integrated technology allows easy integration with major e-commerce platforms, enabling seamless print-on-demand product distribution. This method provides users with a hassle-free way to showcase their merchandise and attract buyers without worrying about product fulfillment.


Merchr has revolutionised the merchandise creation process by eliminating the need for inventory, design expertise, and expensive fees. As a print-on-demand platform, this London-based startup has made it easy for anyone to create a collection of merchandise that can be sold online without the hassle of managing risks associated with inventory management. Through its easy-to-use platform, Merchr allows users to unlock their design, publishing, and profit-making potential. If you want to monetize your content through merchandise, check out Merchr today.


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