Startup Showcase: mereat – Get Paid to Dine Out

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Are you tired of spending money on dining out without getting anything in return? Do you wish you could earn rewards every time you eat at a restaurant? Look no further than mereat, the innovative dining app that pays you to dine out.

What is mereat?

Mereat is the perfect solution for foodies who want to enjoy delicious meals without breaking the bank. The app allows users to browse a curated selection of restaurants sorted by cuisine, price range, location, and rewards. Once you’ve found a restaurant you’d like to try, you can easily book a table through the app.

The best part? After you’ve enjoyed your meal and paid the bill, you can upload a picture of the receipt to the app and earn rewards that can be spent at popular brands like Amazon, Uber, and It’s the ultimate win-win situation – you get to enjoy tasty food and earn perks at the same time.

How does it work?

Mereat operates in four simple steps: find a restaurant, enjoy your meal, receive your rewards, and spend them on your favorite brands. With its user-friendly interface and straightforward process, anyone can earn rewards while dining out.

Find a Restaurant

Mereat gives users access to a variety of restaurants in London and Dubai. With filters for location, cuisine, and price range, you can easily find the perfect spot for your next meal. Plus, the app offers exclusive rewards for certain restaurants, making the decision-making process even easier.

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Enjoy Your Food

Once you’ve chosen a restaurant, all you have to do is show up and have a delicious meal. Pay the bill as you normally would, and remember to hold onto the receipt.

Receive Your Rewards

After you’ve paid your bill, simply upload a photo of the receipt to the app. Mereat will verify the purchase and add the corresponding rewards to your mereat wallet. It’s that simple!

Spend Your Rewards

Now comes the fun part. Use your rewards to shop at popular brands like Amazon, Uber, and The more you dine out with mereat, the more rewards you’ll earn.

Why try mereat?

Mereat offers a unique and exciting way to save money while dining out. With its selection of restaurants and exclusive rewards, it’s the perfect app for foodies who love exploring new eateries. Plus, it’s available in both London and Dubai, with plans to expand to other major cities soon.

Ready to start earning rewards while dining out? Download mereat today and start discovering the best restaurants in your city.


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