Startup Showcase: MNFST – Unlocking the Power of Digital Profiles

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MNFST is a London-based startup that is revolutionizing the influencer marketing industry by offering a platform that enables people to develop and monetize their digital profiles. Through its lifestyle app, MNFST is democratizing the influencer market by empowering individuals and brands to engage in mutually beneficial partnerships that drive creativity, self-expression and economic empowerment. For this Startup Showcase, we will explore the mission of MNFST, its innovative products and services, and its vision for the future of influencer marketing.

Unleashing the Creative Potential of Digital Profiles

MNFST is on a mission to inspire creativity and democratize the influencer market by unlocking the power of digital profiles. The company’s lifestyle app allows users to create high-quality and engaging content that attracts the attention of brands looking to partner with influencers. The creation of such content allows users to receive both non-monetary and monetary rewards for their work. Through this app, users can pay for services such as Spotify, Apple+, games, Netflix, telecom bills etc. and transform their social media presence from a pastime to a monetizable asset.

MNFST acts as a facilitator between brands and creators, ensuring that parties fulfill their obligations to each other. The marketplace also provides full transparency in terms of influencer pay, ensuring fair compensation for all involved. By democratizing the playing field, MNFST intends to bridge the gap between brands and creators for a mutually beneficial outcome.

Groundbreaking Service for Gen Z

Generation Z’s desire to be social media influencers is well documented. A recent survey by Morning Consult revealed that both millennials and Gen Z want to be influencers more than any other job, including doctors, lawyers or even astronauts. However, they face many barriers to entry, such as a lack of resources, limited reach, and discriminatory hiring practices. MNFST addresses these issues by democratizing the influencer marketing industry and empowering Gen Z to leverage their digital profiles.

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By providing access to brands and monetization options, MNFST is giving Gen Z an opportunity to unleash their creativity, express their individuality, and to make a living on social media platforms. These young entrepreneurs can be influencers from the comfort of their homes by sharing their personal recommendations, creating high-quality content, and performing other creative and technical jobs.

Innovating for the Future

MNFST is an innovative company that always has an eye on the future. The startup is also piloting a Software as a Service (SaaS) referral product with top consumer apps. The SaaS product aims to empower brands to improve their marketing strategies and generate sales through better referrals, making it easier for both brands and users to connect with each other.

MNFST is also committed to responsible practices and is dedicated to safeguarding the privacy and data of its users while ensuring transparency in its operations. Today’s digital landscape is dynamic, and MNFST is keeping pace with innovative solutions that address the rapidly changing needs of brands and influencers.


MNFST revolutionizes the world of digital profiles and influencer marketing by bringing democratization, transparency and innovation to the industry. Through the creation of its lifestyle app and services, MNFST empowers individuals to develop and monetize their digital profiles, democratize the influencer market, and lead the way in digital branding. We expect to see more from MNFST as it pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the world of digital profiles.


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