Startup Showcase: Money Zebra – Unlocking Access to Fairly Priced Financial Services for Emerging Markets

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As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, it’s easy to forget that billions of people in emerging markets still lack access to basic financial services. Money Zebra is a London-based startup that seeks to change this by serving as a gateway to almost a billion African businesses and individuals for financial service providers. With a unique platform that combines credit history ledgers and basic scoring engines, Money Zebra aims to provide fairly priced financial services to those who need it most.

Solving a Major Problem in Emerging Markets

One of the biggest challenges facing emerging markets is the lack of access to financial services. According to the World Bank, more than two billion people worldwide lack access to basic financial services, such as savings accounts, credit, insurance, and payment services. This can lead to a host of other problems, including poverty, inequality, and a lack of economic opportunities.

Money Zebra seeks to address this problem by providing a platform that connects financial service providers with customers in emerging markets. By creating a competitive marketplace, Money Zebra encourages providers to offer better terms and services to customers, which can help to drive down prices and increase access to financial services.

How Money Zebra Works

Money Zebra’s platform is designed to be user-friendly, even for those who are not familiar with financial services. Customers can use the platform to submit applications for various financial products, including loans, insurance, and payment services. These applications are then offered up to financial service providers from around the world, who bid on them based on the data and credit score provided.

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Money Zebra’s credit score system is particularly innovative, as it allows non-ID holders to access financial services as well. The credit score is based on a combination of factors, including repayment history, loan amounts, and financial behavior. By building up this credit history, customers can access more and better financial services over time.

Why Money Zebra Matters

Money Zebra is more than just a financial services platform – it is a tool for social and economic development. By providing access to fairly priced financial services, Money Zebra can help to break the cycle of poverty and inequality that has plagued many emerging markets for decades. By legitimizing “hidden” people and providing them with equal opportunities, Money Zebra can help to create a more inclusive and equitable world.


Money Zebra is a startup that is making a real difference in the world. By unlocking access to financial services for millions of people in emerging markets, Money Zebra is helping to create a more prosperous and sustainable future.





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