Startup Showcase: My Strawberry Monkey – Where Curiosity Meets Imagination

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Discovering a new way to enrich a child’s learning journey, My Strawberry Monkey is a company bound to capture the minds of little ones everywhere. With its award-winning preschool website and picture book series, Allan Thompson brings a cute and lovable monkey to life, inspiring curiosity and imagination in all young readers.

For this Startup Showcase, we delve into the world of My Strawberry Monkey and how it’s changing the preschool industry through its unique approach to learning.

Introducing My Strawberry Monkey

Founded in London by Allan Thompson, My Strawberry Monkey is a British preschool picture book series that explores the concept of learning through fun and engaging stories. The picture books offer children new ways to spark their interest, imaginations and develop essential cognitive skills while learning about cultural and social elements.

Creating a lovable character by the name of Strawberry Monkey, the book series follows the day-to-day adventures of the character and his friends in a friendly, inclusive, and safe environment. The picture books are aimed at 2-5-year-olds and with its vibrant illustrations and engaging stories, it has quickly become popular amongst parents and caregivers.

The Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey Picture Book Series

The Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey picture book series is filled with fun and adventure for little ones. Each book features a unique storyline that highlights important social and pro-social behaviors that young children need to learn. The lovable yet clumsy monkey is always learning new things, picking himself up after making mistakes and showing kids how to be resilient and persistent.

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Allan creates a diverse cast of characters that children can relate to, making the books engaging and interesting to children of all backgrounds. The illustrations are also a sight to behold, with bright colours and relatable characters that will capture the imagination of children of all ages.

The My Strawberry Monkey Website

In addition to its picture book series, My Strawberry Monkey also has a website that allows children to explore and learn in a fun and safe environment. Parents/guardians and educators can create profiles for multiple children; the site starts by assessing your child’s interests and skills with a fun quiz to build a personalized learning plan that grows with the child. The content is tailored to suit the child’s age range, and it includes videos, interactive exercises, games and much more.

The My Strawberry Monkey website is an innovative approach to supporting children’s education through a fun and engaging medium. Educators can access resources and activities to support learning in the classroom or at home, with the aim of facilitating a child’s love for learning.

Final Thoughts

My Strawberry Monkey is truly an innovative company that is shaping the way kids learn and grow. With his picture books and website, Allan Thompson has created a world that’s both inspiring and imaginative for children. Through the adventures of the lovable Strawberry monkey and his friends, young minds are introduced to important life lessons in cultural teachings, pro-social behaviors and more, making Allan’s books a staple in preschool and early year’s learning.


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