Startup Showcase: Neighborly App – Connecting Local Communities

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Are you looking to build a stronger connection with your local community? Do you want to support local businesses while also helping out your neighbours? If so, the Neighborly app might be just what you need. In this startup showcase, we introduce you to this amazing app that is changing the way we interact with our neighbourhoods.

Startup Showcase: Neighborly App – Your Gateway to Local Networks

The Neighborly app is a local social networking platform that connects nearby households and encourages altruistic and commercial cooperation within neighbourhoods. Developed in February 2020 by founders from East London to address COVID-19 related issues, the app quickly gained traction beyond their locality and is now available globally.

The Neighborly app uses geo-location technology to place users in virtual neighbourhoods, allowing them to connect with other people nearby with just a few clicks. The app’s integrated user interface with maps and feeds makes visualizing your local area and interacting with your neighbours super easy. The app takes care of creating neighbourhood forums, providing users with an effective way to communicate anywhere in the world.

3 Ways Neighborly App Brings Your Community Together

  • Connecting with Neighbours Virtually: The app connects users to people within a few miles and ensures that users’ posts and comments are only visible to locals. It also allows users to message other neighbours privately. This feature makes it possible for people to interact with neighbours in ways never possible before.
  • Encouraging Altruistic and Commercial Cooperation: The Neighborly app creates an opportunity to give back to your community or benefit from it. For instance, users can post requests for specific needs, such as shopping or gardening, which other residents can offer to help with free of charge. Also, if you offer services, you can easily connect with potential clients within your local area.
  • Discovering Local Offerings: Whether you’re in need of a plumber or a dog walker, the Neighborly app makes it easy to discover the best of what your neighborhood has to offer. The app’s search function makes it possible to find local residents or businesses by name or any keyword on their profile.
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The Neighborly app is a unique platform that encourages neighbourhood interactions and cooperation in ways never possible before. With the app, users can build local networks, discover local businesses and support local causes. Whether you’re looking to make new friends or offer services, the Neighborly app is the perfect platform for you to connect with your local community.


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