Startup Showcase: NextUpRecruitment – Empowering Student-Athletes to Achieve their Dreams

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Are you a student-athlete with a burning desire to achieve your dreams? Have you always wanted to secure scholarships and play at the next level? If so, then NextUpRecruitment is the platform you need to check out right now.

Startup Showcase: NextUpRecruitment is the SaaS-enabled recruitment platform with a mission to make scholarships more accessible than ever before. With its game-changing technology and matchmaking tools, NextUpRecruitment is empowering student-athletes to achieve their dreams and connect with college coaches at the next level.

Introducing NextUpRecruitment – The Future of Recruitment

NextUpRecruitment is the fastest-growing recruitment network in the world, and it’s easy to see why. Combining cutting-edge technology, player-driven data, and matchmaking tools, NextUpRecruitment is revolutionizing how student-athletes identify and connect with college coaches.

The platform is incredibly easy to use, with thousands of athletes already utilizing the service to manage their recruitment and locate scholarships via the SaaS platform. What’s more, the platform is completely free for college coaches to use, allowing them to access top talent quickly and easily.

Transforming Recruitment with Industry-Leading Technology

At the heart of NextUpRecruitment’s success is its industry-leading technology. Founded by Ryan Cook in 2017, the platform was created to help student-athletes navigate the often-complicated world of recruitment and secure scholarships at the next level.

Today, NextUpRecruitment is powered by cutting-edge technology that leverages big data to match student-athletes with the right college coaches. The platform analyzes player data, academic records, and other critical information to identify matches most likely to succeed, making the recruitment process more efficient for both coaches and athletes.

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Empowering Student-Athletes to Achieve their Dreams

By giving student-athletes access to top college programs and scholarships, NextUpRecruitment is empowering them to achieve their dreams. The platform is used by athletes across the globe, with hundreds securing scholarships and taking their game to the next level thanks to NextUpRecruitment.


With its innovative approach to recruitment, NextUpRecruitment is redefining the future of sports recruitment, and it’s only just getting started. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today, and start your journey towards achieving your dreams.


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