Startup Showcase: NovaLova Dating – Connecting People Across the World

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Are you tired of swiping left and right on dating apps, only to come across fake profiles and long registration processes? Look no further than NovaLova, a chatbot dating app that saves you time and hassle by connecting you with verified Facebook users based on your preferences. With automated cross language translation in 76 languages, NovaLova breaks down communication barriers and opens doors to a new dating blue ocean.

Solving Common Dating App Problems

Fake profiles, long registrations, and unreliable notifications are a few of the challenges that many dating apps face. NovaLova takes care of these issues by requiring every dating account to be an existing Facebook user, verified by Facebook. Additionally, NovaLova’s registration process is less than one minute, and notifications are based on the Messenger platform, ensuring reliable delivery.

Low Acquisition Cost and Easy Localization

Customer acquisition cost is a crucial factor for startups, and chatbot based apps have an advantage over traditional methods. NovaLova’s cost-effective approach allows more people to access the app and meet new friends or partners. Localization is also a breeze with NovaLova; adding another UI language only requires one day of work.

Breaking Communication Barriers

One of the most significant advantages of NovaLova is its cross language translation feature. With automated translation in 76 languages, including English, Ukrainian, and Russian, users can connect with people from different countries and cultures. Only 20% of people speak English worldwide, and NovaLova offers an opportunity for millions of people to communicate and connect.


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Read more from UKT News:  Which London Asset Management Startups Dominate UK's Financial Landscape in 2023?

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