Startup Showcase: OFFBLAK – Innovative Wellness Tea Company

Sip Towards a Healthier Lifestyle with OFFBLAK.

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As health and wellness become increasingly integral to our daily life, what we choose to consume has a more significant impact on our wellbeing. OFFBLAK, a London-based startup, recognises this trend and has created a functional wellness tea brand that allows people to consume tasty and effective teas without sacrificing sustainability. In this startup showcase, we explore the story behind OFFBLAK, its product offering, and why it has gained recognition from industry leaders.

The Story of OFFBLAK

With the demand for wellness products growing, OFFBLAK founders, Morten Munch and Philip Krag-Jensen, began their quest to enhance the humble cup of tea. After searching for a tea brand that provided great taste and effective ingredients, they decided to use their experience in the food and beverage industry to create their own. OFFBLAK was born with a mission to bring innovation to the tea market and help people live healthier lifestyles.

Product Offering

OFFBLAK offers innovative teas made with functional, scientifically-backed ingredients that are good for both the body and mind. The company is committed to sustainability and is proud to be the world’s first carbon-negative tea brand. OFFBLAK takes care to ensure its packaging materials are environmentally friendly, and its teas are ethically sourced.

Tea Blends

OFFBLAK provides a range of tea blends to meet the needs of different customers. Its “Stress Less” tea contains Ashwagandha, an adaptogen that helps the body adapt to stress. “Beauty Boost” is another popular blend that contains collagen-boosting ingredients, including hibiscus, rosehip, and orange peel.

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Awards and Recognition

OFFBLAK has won industry awards for its innovative and delicious tea blends. The company’s passion for taste and functional wellness has been recognised by the industry-leading Great Taste Awards. In 2020, OFFBLAK was awarded a two-star accreditation for its “Sleep On It” tea blend from the Guild of Fine Food.

Why You Should Choose OFFBLAK

OFFBLAK offers teas that are delicious, functional, and sustainable. The company’s commitment to sustainability has led to it becoming the first carbon-negative tea brand in the world. Its range of tea blends caters to a range of health and lifestyle goals. OFFBLAK’s tea is recognised for its high quality and taste, having won industry awards and accolades.


OFFBLAK is a startup that has built its success on the belief that we can all aim for healthier lifestyles without sacrificing taste and enjoyment. Its functional wellness tea brand stands out for its emphasis on sustainability, taste, and effective ingredients. OFFBLAK is a unique and exciting addition to the wellness industry, offering teas that are both tasty and good for you. Try OFFBLAK, and you may never go back to regular tea again.





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