Startup Showcase: OneHE – Revolutionizing Higher Education through Collaboration

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As the world becomes more complex and interconnected, it’s evident that traditional approaches to education no longer suffice. The institutions that once served as bastions of knowledge, expertise and innovation are now under pressure to evolve and adapt rapidly to meet the needs of the modern workforce. OneHE aims to do just that through its platform that brings together educators and institutions to promote collaboration, knowledge-sharing and support.

The Higher Education sector has witnessed considerable transformation, and this has led to significant changes in how we approach teaching, research and learning. OneHE’s mission is to empower educators and thought-leaders to address these challenges, working towards creating student-centered and research-informed learning environments that foster innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

OneHE offers a range of services that enable educators, administrators and institutions to work collaboratively on identifying and addressing the most pressing challenges facing the sector. Here are some of the highlights:

Professional Networking and Development

OneHE provides educators with access to a global network of peers, including like-minded individuals who share similar interests and challenges. Users can join groups, run projects and events, publish articles and share ideas, help others by answering questions and exploring new areas of learning.

Expert Endorsed Micro Learning Courses

OneHE offers a broad range of micro-learning courses, designed to support educators and administrators in developing their teaching and research practices. Developed by subject-matter experts, courses cover topics ranging from practical tips to apply in teaching practice to critical thinking and reflection in research.

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Pitch for Funding

OneHE enables users to pitch for funding to deliver work that supports the community’s ambitions. With funding from organizations and the community, innovative ideas can come to life to improve student outcomes.


OneHE is a platform that is gaining traction, ensuring that the needs of the modern student and the workforce are met. By leveraging the power of collaboration, knowledge-sharing and support, OneHE aims to revolutionize education in a way that benefits all stakeholders. It is an excellent opportunity for educators and institutions alike, to converge and work together seamlessly to create a better future for higher education.





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