Startup Showcase: PentoPix – Unleashing the Power of 3D Storytelling with AI

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PentoPix is a London-based startup that is changing the game of storytelling with its innovative AI-assisted platform. The platform offers a text-to-3D creative suite for new-form commerce, allowing creative teams to maximize their storytelling abilities. PentoPix uses Machine Learning and AI to automatically visualize structured text in a 3D form, unlocking a new dimension of creativity.

Revolutionizing Storyboarding

Storyboarding is a crucial part of any production, as it helps pre-produce and plan for shooting. However, storyboarding is a long and expensive process that is typically only done at the final stages. For an average 1-minute video, it takes about a week to complete the storyboard. PentoPix has revolutionized storyboarding by making it faster, easier, and more accessible. With PentoPix, creative teams can generate 3D storyboards with scene-by-scene visualizations in a matter of minutes.

AI-powered Text-to-3D Visualizations

PentoPix’s AI-powered text-to-3D visualizations allow studios and agencies to explore the riskiest of ideas while ensuring consistency, actionability, and clear communication across the team. The platform produces detailed storyboards, allowing creative teams of all sizes and backgrounds to imagine, plan, and share ideas for new mediums.

Unlocking Creative Freedom

With the rise of Augmented and Virtual realities, and the buzz around the Metaverse, creative teams face a new set of challenges. Everything needs to be created in 3D, ready to be viewed from any angle. PentoPix unlocks creative freedom for teams, allowing them to write, develop, and share great stories as fast as browsing through a storyboard.

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Streamlining the Creative Process

PentoPix streamlines the creative process by allowing teams to work collaboratively on the storyline across text, visual, and schema modules, with changes automatically reflected in the 3D visualization. The platform also helps readers (film studios) screen scripts and ideas, making an informed decision about investing time and effort into reading.


PentoPix’s AI-assisted platform is revolutionizing the storytelling process, making it faster, easier, and more accessible than ever before. The platform’s AI-powered text-to-3D visualizations and detailed storyboards unlock a new dimension of creativity, allowing studios and agencies to explore even the riskiest of ideas. With PentoPix, creative teams of all sizes and backgrounds can imagine, plan, and share their ideas for new mediums as fast as browsing through a storyboard.

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