Startup Showcase: Piqsol – The Solana Fractional NFT Marketplace Revolutionizing Ownership

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Attention all digital art enthusiasts and investors! If you think owning a piece of rare digital art is reserved only for the wealthy, think again. Piqsol, the Solana Fractional NFT Marketplace, is making owning high-value NFTs more accessible to the masses. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll dive into Piqsol’s groundbreaking marketplace features, unique token benefits, and how it’s disrupting the world of NFTs.

Revolutionizing NFT Ownership

Piqsol is changing the game of NFT ownership by removing the barriers of high costs and technical knowledge required to enter the NFT market. By reducing the learning curve and providing a user-friendly platform for buying, selling, minting, and auctioning NFTs, Piqsol is making NFT ownership possible for millions of lower-income and middle-class consumers worldwide.

Fractionalized NFTs (F-NFT)

The Piqsol marketplace offers fractionalized NFTs (F-NFT), which enable investors to own a portion of a high-value NFT, rather than buying the entire asset. This means investors can diversify their portfolio and own fractions of multiple high-value assets without breaking the bank.

Lazy Minting

Piqsol offers a unique and innovative feature called Lazy Minting, which enables sellers to list their NFTs without paying gas fees until the asset sells. This feature removes the burden of upfront costs for sellers, making it more accessible for artists to enter the NFT market.

Provenance and Copyright Documentation

Piqsol offers provenance features, which track the record of origin and ownership of each NFT. This also comes with a feature that allows the seller to assign ownership rights, meaning buyers can be confident they are the rightful owner of an asset.

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Monthly revenue-sharing and staking

Holders of Piqsol tokens have access to exclusive benefits, such as monthly revenue-sharing for the Piqsol NFT Collection holders and staking of their tokens for more rewards. Piqsol tokens can also be used to purchase NFTs on the marketplace.


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