Startup Showcase: – Providing Insurance and Benefits to the Freelancers of the World

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As the gig economy continues to grow, there is an increasing need for insurance and benefits for those working independently. is a London-based startup that has created a SaaS business and eco-system to provide portable insurance, benefits and savings products for the growing number of freelancers and gig workers across the globe. In this startup showcase, we’ll take a closer look at and how they’re addressing the needs of this growing market.

Customer-centric Data and Machine Learning’s approach to providing insurance and benefits is unique in that it uses real-time data and analytics to quickly understand and present the optimum levels of cover and benefits best suited to each customer. This is based on the nature of their work and the stage of their life journey. By using data and machine learning, can provide tailored solutions that meet the individual needs of each customer.

Monthly Subscription Bundle takes away the hassle of having to sign up for multiple different products and services by offering its customers a monthly subscription bundle. This bundle includes all of the insurance, benefits and savings products that the customer needs, without having to sign up for each one individually. This allows customers to focus on their work, while takes care of everything else.

Membership Community

Membership of also provides opportunities for incentives and rewards for good behaviours. By recognising everything from referring work to other members to adopting healthy habits, rewards good behaviours with reduced monthly subscription fees. This not only incentivises positive behaviour but also creates a sense of community among members.

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Global Eco-system is the only business focussed solely on building a global, end-to-end Insurance as a Service platform for the freelance, gig, contracting, business-of-one, portfolio lifestyle, and independent worker economies. By providing a comprehensive solution, is making it easier for freelancers and gig workers across the world to access the insurance and benefits they need.

Conclusion is addressing a growing need in the market with its unique solution. By using customer-centric data and machine learning, providing a monthly subscription bundle and creating a membership community, is making it easier for individuals in the gig economy to access the insurance and benefits they need. As the gig economy continues to grow, is a startup to watch.


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