Startup Showcase: Propeterra – Visualizing the Global Property Market

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With an increasing demand for real estate investments, it is becoming more important to have accurate data and analysis to make both profitable and socially responsible decisions. Propeterra, a London-based PropTech start-up, is offering just that. Utilizing predictive algorithms and a range of visualizations, Propeterra is providing a suite of analytical tools for the global property market. In this startup showcase, we explore how Propeterra is disrupting the PropTech space and shaking up the real estate industry.

Visualizing Emerging and Frontier Markets

The global property investment market is expanding, and investors are looking to emerging and frontier markets for opportunities. However, investing in these markets comes with its own unique set of challenges such as lack of reliable data, political instability, and regulatory hurdles. Propeterra is breaking these barriers with its proprietary software that provides visualization and analytics for these markets. The platform offers data sources for over 190 countries and over 560 million buildings. The startup’s analytical tools utilizing machine learning and predictive analysis can help determine the directions of property markets in cities and countries. The platforms algorithms and GIS technology helps investors understand and analyze real estate markets globally, unlocking new opportunities for investment.

Understanding Real Estate Investments

Real estate investment is a long term commitment, and investors need to make informed decisions in order to maximize returns. Propeterra’s real-time and predictive analytics empower investors with insights to make better decisions. Propeterra’s platform offers a range of visualizations, including heat maps, satellite imagery, population density maps, and more. Utilizing these tools, Propeterra provides investors with the ability to accurately estimate future demand, supply and market values. This empowers them to make informed decisions before making a real estate investment.

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Working with Industry Experts

Propeterra’s team is comprised of data science and real estate professionals. This ensures that they are at the forefront of understanding the industry and using data-driven approaches to create innovative solutions. Propeterra works with a range of industry players ranging from pension funds, real estate funds, multi-lateral institutions, social impact funds, and city/national governments. The startup’s partnership with ESRI, the global market leader in GIS technology, has also helped them to enhance their platform with advanced spatial analysis capabilities.


Propeterra is leading the charge in the real estate analytics and visualization space. The start-up has revolutionized the way investors approach global real estate investments, offering predictive analytics and a range of visualization tools to help investors make informed decisions. Propeterra’s innovative approach has already caught the attention of industry experts and institutions. The startup was recently admitted to the UK ESRI Start-Up Program in 2019. Through its unique proposition, Propeterra is set to continue making waves in the PropTech space.





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