Startup Showcase: QUDO AI – Revolutionizing Gaming with Crypto Tokens

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QUDO AI is a London-based company that is pioneering the use of blockchain technology in the gaming industry. As a player engagement tool, QUDO incentivizes game performance and activity with a crypto token that can be used within the QUDO network. This startup showcase will dive deeper into QUDO AI and explore how it’s changing the gaming landscape.

What is QUDO AI?

QUDO AI is a gaming network that rewards gamers for their activity and performance with a cryptocurrency token called QUDO. Furthermore, QUDO enables game developers to benefit from these rewards and gain exposure to a wider audience by participating in the QUDO network. Essentially, QUDO creates a win-win situation for both gamers and game developers.

QUDO Token Mechanism

The QUDO token mechanism is the backbone of QUDO AI. By playing games that are a part of the QUDO network, gamers can accumulate QUDO tokens based on the amount of time they spend playing, their performance in the game, and their role in finding bugs. These tokens can then be used to purchase other games, game-related products and services, and more.

Rewards for Game Developers

Beyond rewarding gamers, QUDO AI also offers benefits to game developers. As game developers accumulate QUDO tokens, they can use them to support their game development process. QUDO AI’s affiliated services include game asset providers, media content and coverage, 2D/3D assets, game development and art freelancing, and more. These services help game developers create better games and attract more gamers.

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Benefits of QUDO AI

QUDO AI offers many benefits to both gamers and game developers. For gamers, it offers a new way to monetize their gaming activity and interact with the gaming community. For game developers, it offers an opportunity to gain exposure and support for their games, as well as a new source of revenue. QUDO AI also promotes fair play by rewarding players for their time and performance rather than for buying in-game items.


QUDO AI is a revolutionary startup that is changing the gaming industry with its innovative use of blockchain technology. By incentivizing player activity and providing support for game developers, QUDO AI is creating a fairer and more rewarding gaming environment. QUDO AI has great potential to grow, and we look forward to seeing how it will continue to impact the gaming industry in the future.


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