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Solving the Challenges of Starting a Fintech or Blockchain Business.

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Starting a new business is challenging, no matter the industry. However, when it comes to the fintech and blockchain space, the obstacles can feel overwhelming. You need access to a community of experienced professionals, regulatory expertise, and reliable technology to get your idea off the ground. is an ultra-niche platform that addresses these challenges head-on. Their community of technical and non-technical people creates a supportive and knowledgeable environment to help you succeed in your fintech or blockchain venture.

Building the World’s Best User Experience for Startup Founders’s innovative approach began with an in-depth study of thousands of developers’ needs and desires. They discovered that many talented fintech and blockchain professionals wanted to work in smaller teams for more significant impact but struggled to find the right company to match their ambition.’s founders used this insight to create a platform that supports a vibrant and like-minded fintech and blockchain community. The platform delivers valuable resources, empowering users with what they need to succeed by building the world’s best user experience for startup founders.

Access to a Supportive and Knowledgeable Community’s ultra-niche community brings together experts who understand the complexities of the fintech and blockchain industry. Their platform provides access to discussion forums, mentorship programs, and crucial industry updates to keep you informed about regulatory changes and trends. Members can connect with other like-minded individuals, seek professional advice, or collaborate on new projects. The platform also features opportunities for networking, such as their weekly virtual coffee chats, to help members grow their connections and advance their careers.

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Raion Industries offers a unique solution for anyone looking to enter the fintech and blockchain space. Their ultra-niche platform provides invaluable resources, a supportive community, and a user-friendly experience that helps entrepreneurs overcome complex challenges. With Raion, you’ll spend less time navigating red tape and more time realizing your fintech or blockchain ambitions. Join the ultra-niche community at and start building your fintech or blockchain startup today!





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