Startup Showcase: raTrust – The UK’s Dedicated Sexual Health Advocates

Fighting STIs with Education, Support and Understanding.

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As the world navigates a new era of sexual freedom and exploration, the issues of sexual health and sexually transmitted infections have become increasingly prevalent. This issue is particularly pressing for the estimated 120,000 sex workers in the UK, who face unique challenges and stigmas when it comes to sexual health. raTrust is a startup that is dedicated to educating, supporting and advising those who may be at risk of contracting STIs, particularly HIV. In this startup showcase, we explore the story of raTrust and how they are working towards their goal of a safer, healthier society.

The Story of raTrust: Advocating for Safe and Healthy Sexual Practices

The raTrust was founded by a group of passionate individuals who had experienced firsthand the impact of a lack of education and support around sexual health. Their Director witnessed a close friend – a sex worker – die of AIDS due to a lack of access to testing and healthcare. Determined to create change, raTrust was born as a platform to provide free STI testing, education and advocacy for those facing the stigma of the sex work industry.

Providing Support and Resources to Those Most in Need

One of the core services offered by raTrust is free HIV testing, which can be scheduled online or through their mobile testing unit. Alongside this, raTrust’s team also works in partnership with local health clinics to provide confidential sexual health advice to sex workers. The organisation also provides condoms and other resources to sex workers to ensure that they can engage in safe sexual practices.

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In addition to these vital services, raTrust also works to educate those outside of the sex work industry about the risks of STIs and the importance of safe sexual practices. This includes providing education and training for healthcare professionals and the wider community.

Building a Community of Support and Advocacy

raTrust is passionate about building a strong community of support for those impacted by STIs. In the near future, the organisation plans to launch a drop-in service where sex workers can access safe spaces for support and advice. This added level of community support will provide a vital lifeline for those who may feel isolated or stigmatised due to their line of work.

Linking Up with Supporters Across the UK

raTrust is proud to work in partnership with a range of individuals and organisations across the UK who share their passion for promoting safe and healthy sexual practices. The organisation is always on the lookout for new supporters, so if you’re interested in getting involved with their work, visit their website or social media pages to learn more.

Conclusion: Advocacy That Saves Lives

raTrust is a startup that is dedicated to saving lives through education, support and advocacy. By providing free HIV testing, education and support to those at risk of STIs, particularly sex workers, raTrust is helping to promote a safer, healthier society for all. If you’re interested in learning more about their work or showing your support, be sure to visit their website and social media pages.


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