Startup Showcase: ReGal 38I83 – Green Fintech for a Sustainable Future

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As the world goes through an unprecedented crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now more important than ever for businesses to shift towards sustainable and responsible practices. This is where ReGal 38I83 comes in, a London-based Green Fintech startup that is taking fintech, regtech, and regulatory industries by storm. In this Startup Showcase, we will delve deeper into the company’s mission, products, and how they are changing the game in the finance industry for a better world.

The Mission of ReGal 38I83

ReGal 38I83 is committed to developing and promoting green finance, transparent regulatory regimes, and sustainable economic growth. Through their innovative financial security and supervision, ReGal 38I83 seeks to impact global sustainable financial transactions, expand the use of blockchain technology for a greener future, and maintain ethical behavior based on community values, thereby driving a more profitable and sustainable future.

Products and Solutions

  • OIII3 BANK: The OIII3 Bank is a self-sustainable green financial ecosystem that leverages green blockchain technology, aimed at unifying the emerging countries’ green economy into one seamless platform. This disruptive product is aimed at providing better access to the financial system, leading to a seamless Financial Network for millions of people.
  • Regal 11: Our Regulatory & Compliance tool that combines forefront artificial intelligence linking Eastern and Western Regulations into one. Our AML/KYC verification tool simplifies the initial compliance process and eliminates the need for manual validation, enhancing and minimizing regulatory protocols.
  • Cristal Card 369: This new payment solution uses a disruptive technology aimed at reducing the initial requirements of the traditional banking systems, combined with Smart Contract regulation protocols. The product delivers one-click contactless payments with AML/KYC compliance in one tap of a finger. Moreover, Cristal Card 369 is distinctive regarding data security by using the latest blockchain information symmetry protocols.
  • HG2 – The Ethical Trading Platform: The HG2 Platform offers ethical trading based on Green Commodities that align with international targets on Climate Change. The platform aims to eliminate supply chain constraints, significantly reduce transaction costs and provide financing to increase volume and quality of sustainable commodities going to market.
  • Our innovative accelerator award platform that enhances performance and maximizes engagement by promoting family-work-social life balance. We aim to create a destiny-changing business accelerator that helps marginalized communities get off the ground, do fantastic things and achieve their true potential.
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As a leading green fintech company, ReGal 38I83 encourages green investments and ethical economic growth made possible by blockchain technology, reducing the carbon footprint and promoting environmentally sustainable financial transactions. These efforts have attracted widespread recognition and support from a variety of investment, business and governmental institutions. ReGal 38I83 plans to continue to impact sustainable finance by developing groundbreaking products, establishing partnerships with forward-thinking companies, and implementing cutting-edge technologies.


The financial world is set to face a paradigm shift, and movement towards Green innovation pervades every aspect of the economy. ReGal 38I83 is set to create a better world, driven by their transformative Green Fintech vision that reimagines finance as a catalyst for economic growth and community prosperity. With innovative products and a sustainable business model, ReGal 38I83 has become a leading force for change in green finance. Check out ReGal 38I83’s website to learn more about their products and initiatives.





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