Startup Showcase: Reloyalty – Turning Bank Cards into Personalized Loyalty Cards

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If you’re tired of carrying multiple loyalty cards, you’ll be pleased to learn about Reloyalty. This London-based startup has developed a platform that converts any bank card in Europe into a personalised loyalty card. Read on to learn how Reloyalty is innovating in the world of loyalty programs.

A Fully Automated and Personalised Loyalty Platform

At Reloyalty, they believe that every customer deserves a personalised experience. Their platform is designed to turn every bank card in Europe into a personalised loyalty card, by leveraging Open Banking / PSD2. This means that users can easily connect their existing bank cards to Reloyalty and unlock 10-50% in reward value from their everyday shopping.

Reloyalty’s platform is completely automated, so there’s no need for customers to manually enter their loyalty details at checkout. Furthermore, they also keep track of reward points and send reminders when they’re ready to be redeemed. This hands-off approach is a gamechanger for anyone who’s tired of fumbling with multiple loyalty cards.

Data-Driven Loyalty Campaigns

Reloyalty’s unique platform not only benefits customers, but also participating retailers and banks. They can get access to data about their most valuable customers, based on purchasing patterns. All this data can be used to launch targeted loyalty campaigns with measurable ROI. This means that businesses can better identify their most passionate customers and reward them accordingly.

Reloyalty’s platform collects data in a GDPR-compliant way, which means that customers can have peace of mind knowing that their data is secure. As a result, Reloyalty is gaining traction with both businesses and customers, as they’re able to use this valuable data to create more effective loyalty programs.

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Building Passionate Customer Relationships

At the heart of Reloyalty’s mission is building passionate customer relationships. They believe that the relationship between customers and businesses is more than transactional. Their platform fosters a deeper connection between customers and businesses, based on shared values and a mutual willingness to give and receive rewards.

Furthermore, Reloyalty’s platform creates a more seamless shopping experience, which makes it more likely that customers will return to participating retailers. This means that businesses can increase their customer retention rates while also rewarding their most loyal customers.


Reloyalty is a promising startup that’s shaking up the world of loyalty programs. By turning bank cards into personalised loyalty cards and leveraging Open Banking / PSD2, they’re making loyalty programs more accessible and less burdensome for customers. Furthermore, their platform benefits both customers and businesses, by providing valuable data that can be used to launch targeted loyalty campaigns. With Reloyalty, businesses can build more meaningful relationships with their most passionate customers, which is a win-win for everyone involved.


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