Startup Showcase: Riot – Revolutionizing Communication Platforms

Introducing Riot - the UK-based communication app changing the game!.

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In today’s digital age, effective communication is essential for any organization or team. Riot Industries is offering an open, secure, and inter-operable communication platform that is transforming the way teams communicate and collaborate. Riot is a new app that is built on an open-source platform called Matrix. It provides users with the ability to bring conversations and productivity tools together, across different apps, making it the most versatile and robust platform in the market.

Matrix – The Open Standardized “Brain”

The Matrix platform is a key feature responsible for making Riot a leading communication tool. Matrix is an open standard for decentralized persistent communication that enables users to send messages and data across different platforms, including email, SMS and most importantly other communication apps. It provides comprehensive end-to-end encryption and ensures that all data is secure and safe at all times. Matrix is the “brain” behind Riot, and it powers Riot’s seamless integration with third-party apps such as Slack, IRC, Twitter and Gitter, making it easier for teams to communicate with one another in real-time.

Next-level Collaboration with Riot

Riot offers a range of features that enable teams to collaborate and work more efficiently. One of the standout features is “Cross-app Communication”, which lets teams collaborate seamlessly on projects, regardless of the applications used. Users can easily share files or use Riot’s inbuilt whiteboard feature to brainstorm ideas with team members. Its advanced notification system ensures that users are alerted instantly, without distracting them from their work, allowing team members to optimize their work-life balance.

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Open Source, Secure and Flexible

Riot’s open source nature ensures that it remains secure and that it always evolves with the needs of its users. Its open-source license makes it easier for users to tweak and modify the communication platform to meet their specific needs, without worrying about security concerns. The app’s open-source nature also enables users to host their own version of Riot. This ensures that all communications remain secure and private, while still being part of the Matrix network.


Riot is a disruptive communication platform that offers a range of game-changing features for teams and organizations that need to be productive while staying connected. Its open-source nature makes it flexible, and its secure communication channels ensure that all data is safe and private. Riot is quickly becoming the go-to platform for collaboration, and it will continue to evolve, offering more advanced features that enable teams to collaborate even easier.



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