Startup Showcase: Risk Ledger – Revolutionising Vendor Risk Management with a Secure Social Network

Exploring the world's most innovative solution for securing the global third-party ecosystem

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As businesses continue to expand their operations and rely on third-party vendors, managing vendor risk becomes increasingly complex. Traditional methods of managing vendor risk such as spreadsheets and word-based questionnaires are becoming obsolete. This is where Risk Ledger comes in as they offer the world’s most innovative vendor risk management solution built on the model of a secure social network.

Risk Ledger has managed to revolutionize vendor risk management by combining a social network with a risk management platform. The result is an innovative, easy-to-use, and efficient vendor risk management platform that enables organizations to run a gold standard risk assurance program against their vendors. In this startup showcase, we dive deeper into what makes Risk Ledger one of the most innovative and effective vendor risk management platforms in the world.

Securing the Global Third-Party Ecosystem

Risk Ledger’s mission is to secure the global third-party ecosystem by providing organizations with the tools they need to track, manage and mitigate third-party risk effectively. The platform offers a range of features such as a standardized assessment framework, continuous vendor monitoring, and an insight into fourth, fifth, and sixth parties to enable organizations to identify and mitigate risks proactively.

The Risk Ledger platform allows businesses to scale their risk assurance program, even if they have a large number of vendors. This is achieved through low per-supplier costs and simple and efficient workflows, allowing organizations to deal with an increasing number of vendors without incurring significant costs.

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Supplier Benefits

Risk Ledger not only offers benefits to organizations but to suppliers as well. The platform provides suppliers with free access to the platform, allowing them to complete one comprehensive assessment for each risk domain. With this, suppliers can share their assessment results with any client that runs a risk assurance program against them. This allows suppliers to save time and effort, ditching the outdated questionnaire approach.


Risk Ledger has been recognized with several prestigious accolades, winner of the National Cyber Security Centre’s 2019 CyberDen competition and the 2019 TechUK Cyber Innovation Den competition. These awards highlight the Risk Ledger platform’s innovation, effectiveness, and the value it offers to its users.

Connect with Risk Ledger

With its innovative solution and recognition in the market, Risk Ledger is already making waves in the industry. If you want to learn more about Risk Ledger or get in touch with their team, visit their





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