Startup Showcase: SalesTrip – Simplifying Corporate Travel and Expenses

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With the increasing trend of remote working and global business, keeping track of expenses while travelling has become a major challenge for businesses of all sizes. SalesTrip is an innovative solution that helps streamline expense management and travel booking processes, all on the Salesforce platform. Read on to find out more about this London-based startup that’s changing the game for corporate travel and expenses management.

What is SalesTrip?

SalesTrip is an expense management and travel booking system designed for business travellers. The platform allows companies to keep track of expenses and book trips all in one place. Built on Salesforce, the system integrates easily with existing business processes and data to provide real-time insights into expenses, budgets and travel data. The result is a simplified and efficient solution that helps businesses save time and money.

Booking Travel Simplified

With SalesTrip, business travellers can manage and book their entire trip from start to finish. Users can search for flights, hotels, and rental cars using real-time pricing, availability, and routing information. Plus, tracking expenses is easy with automatic expense management capabilities that save time and headaches for all users, while enabling administrators to monitor and control expense policies easily. All-in-all, SalesTrip empowers business travellers to focus on their work while the platform takes care of the logistics.

Expenses Management Made Easier

Business travellers know that tracking expenses while travelling can be overwhelming. SalesTrip’s system makes it simple by automating expenses management by paperless receipt capture, and real-time expense recording. The platform also uses data inputs and triggers from Salesforce that ensures that expense claims are audit-proof and adhere to compliance standards.

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Make Data-Driven Decisions

Businesses can make data-driven decisions thanks to SalesTrip’s integration with Salesforce. By unifying data from multiple sources, SalesTrip delivers real-time insights into travel and spend management. Business leaders can quickly assess expenses and be assured that the data is accurate and up-to-date. With this level of data-driven insights, businesses can measure the ROI of employee travel, identify new revenue streams, and more.


SalesTrip is changing the way businesses approach expense management and travel booking. With its seamless integration with Salesforce, real-time data, and expense management automation features, businesses can focus on growth by optimising employee travel while ensuring compliance with expense policies. Check out SalesTrip’s website and social media profiles to learn more about how the platform can benefit your organisation.


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