Startup Showcase: Save Your Wardrobe – Revolutionizing Sustainable Fashion through Circular Digital Platform

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In a world where fast fashion dominates the industry, Save Your Wardrobe aims to bring a refreshing and sustainable approach to the way we consume clothing. With the help of technology, this FashionTech and RetailTech startup is revolutionizing the post-purchase experience through their circular digital platform and care and repair services.

Introducing Save Your Wardrobe

Save Your Wardrobe was founded on the principles of circular economy – a system that focuses on reducing waste, reusing and recycling materials, and creating a closed loop system. The company strives to make circular options accessible to consumers, thereby reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry and increasing the lifespan of garments. Save Your Wardrobe’s digital platform allows users to easily digitize their wardrobes, receive impact-led insights and recommendations for sustainable choices, and access an extensive range of aftercare services for their clothing.

Technology-enabled Wardrobe Management

Save Your Wardrobe’s user-friendly digital platform allows consumers to easily digitize their wardrobes and access the aftercare services they need to keep their clothes in top condition. Users can upload photos of their clothing items and create a virtual wardrobe that they can access anytime, anywhere. The app also provides users with personalized care instructions for each garment, depending on the material, brand, and age of the clothing. This feature helps users to extend the lifecycle of their clothing, reduce waste, and make more thoughtful purchases in the future.

Impact-led Recommendations

One of the unique features of Save Your Wardrobe’s platform is the impact-led recommendations provided to users. Based on the data available in the consumer’s wardrobe, the app provides customized recommendations on how users can reduce their environmental impact by making more sustainable purchasing choices. This revolutionary feature promotes circular options and creates awareness among users about the impact of their fashion choices.

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Extensive Aftercare Services

Save Your Wardrobe provides an extensive ecosystem of aftercare services powered by a proprietary digital infrastructure and booking platform. These services include garment care and repair, alterations, dry cleaning, shoe repair, and luxury handbag restoration. By making aftercare services accessible and affordable for consumers, the company is helping to shift the narrative around repairing and caring for garments.


Save Your Wardrobe is a unique platform that is revolutionizing the fashion industry by promoting circularity, accessibility, and sustainability. With its easy-to-use digital platform, impact-led recommendations, and extensive aftercare services, consumers can create a wardrobe that is both stylish and sustainable. Save Your Wardrobe’s mission to democratize access to aftercare services and to promote circular options is an innovative step towards creating a more sustainable future for the fashion industry.


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