Startup Showcase: SearchSmartly – Revolutionizing the Property Search with AI

Creating a Hassle-free Property Search with Personalized Results.

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Are you tired of scrolling through endless property pages, trying to find the perfect home for you? Are you frustrated with estate agents bombarding you with properties that hardly match your needs? Say hello to SearchSmartly – the London-based proptech startup that is using artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify and personalize the property search experience.

In this Startup Showcase, we explore how SearchSmartly is transforming the property industry with its innovative technology, strong expertise, and top-notch team.

The Need for a Smarter Property Search

The property search industry has been lagging behind in terms of innovation and customer-centricity. Most property search platforms rely on a basic filter system, where users select a few criteria such as price, location, and number of bedrooms. However, this approach fails to capture the full spectrum of a tenant’s preferences, such as their preferred commute distance, lifestyle, amenities, and more.

SearchSmartly is addressing this gap by leveraging AI algorithms to understand the unique needs and desires of each tenant, including their personality traits, interests, and habits. The app assesses over 250 criteria and behaviors to provide a comprehensive personalized match score for each property on its platform.

Effortless and Efficient Process for Tenants and Estate Agents

SearchSmartly’s process is simple, user-friendly, and efficient. Tenants fill in an initial questionnaire that captures their basic information and preferences. The app then presents them with a list of tailored matches, ranked by relevance and assigned a match score. Tenants can further refine their criteria and communicate directly with estate agents through the app.

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On the estate agent side, SearchSmartly provides a powerful lead generation tool that filters and matches tenants based on their preferences and qualifications. The platform also offers a dashboard that allows estate agents to manage their listings, view analytics, and communicate with tenants.

Winning Awards and Scaling Up

SearchSmartly has been gaining traction in the startup scene, with notable achievements such as winning the Great British Entrepreneur Challenge and participating in the London Business School’s Launchpad program.

The company has also secured funding from angel investors and is currently expanding its team and operations. SearchSmartly aims to cover all of London by 2022 and to eventually expand to other major cities worldwide.


SearchSmartly is redefining the way tenants search and find their dream homes by using AI to match them with personalized results. The startup’s user-centric approach and innovative technology are disrupting the traditional property search industry and streamlining the process for both tenants and estate agents. Stay tuned for more updates from this exciting proptech player.





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