Startup Showcase: Sensitrust – Redefining Professional Networks on the Blockchain

A Revolutionary Platform that Bridges the Gap Between Customers and Professionals.

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Sensitrust is a London-based startup on a mission to revolutionize the professional networking space by creating a platform that enhances collaboration, business deals, and project design, all while utilizing the immutability and reliability of blockchain technology. In this startup showcase, we explore how Sensitrust is changing the game for professionals and customers alike, while also delving into the technologies that underpin their innovative approach.

Introduction: Sensitrust’s Bold Vision

In today’s fast-paced business world, finding the right professional connections and trustworthy partners is crucial. Sensitrust aims to simplify this process by creating a platform that brings together experts from all fields and industries. Their system will leverage blockchain technology to provide transparency and security while enabling seamless transactions between parties. Additionally, Sensitrust’s use of AI technology will help professionals promote their skills and businesses more effectively, providing job opportunities to both parties. The end result is a reliable, streamlined platform that makes it easier for people to find and establish their professional networks in a new era of decentralized business collaboration.

The Benefits of Blockchain-based Platforms

Sensitrust’s platform is built on the immutable and decentralised foundation of blockchain technology, which offers countless advantages over traditional systems of record. Among the benefits are enhanced trust, transparency and immutability of records, meaning that businesses and individuals can engage in secure transactions with confidence. Blockchain technology also ensures that each transaction on the platform is tamper-proof, which provides added security for all parties involved. Additionally, because the platform is decentralised and operates without intermediaries or central authorities, it enables more cost-efficient and faster transactions.

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AI-Powered Insights and Recommendations

Sensitrust will also rely on AI technology to power product and service reviews for users’ feedback, which will simplify the product selection process and ensure transparency in transactions. Additionally, the platform will leverage AI to better match the needs of professionals and customers, providing recommendations and insights based on the history of transactions and searches. This innovative approach will provide a more streamlined experience for both buyers and sellers and offer more efficient ways to expand their professional networks.

SETS Token: Supporting the Ecosystem

Sensitrust’s platform will be powered by their native utility token, the SETS token. This token will offer several benefits, such as reduced transaction fees and boosted user engagement. It will also incentivize users to share their experience and feedback with the community for the continuous improvement of the platform. By providing discounted access to various platform services such as project design tools and professional network expansion, the SETS token will be a crucial element of the Sensitrust ecosystem.

Conclusion: Sensitrust and the Future of Professional Networks

Sensitrust is leading the way by creating a blockchain-based platform that connects customers and professionals, offering them transparency, reliability, and more efficient transactions in the business world. By incorporating AI technology and utilising their SETS token, they are creating a more open and decentralised ecosystem that provides greater benefits to all its members. With its ambitious goals and novel approach, Sensitrust is poised to redefine professional networks for the digital age.


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