Startup Showcase: Serendipity App – The Donation Platform for a New Generation of Changemakers

Building a Fintech-Styled, Mobile-Native Donation Platform with Social Features.

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Serendipity App is a revolutionary donation platform based in London, England, that is reinventing the charity giving user experience by building a fintech-styled, mobile-native product with social features. In this startup showcase, we will explore how Serendipity App is changing the game in the donation and charity sector.

Efficient Donation Platform

Serendipity App offers over 120 pre-vetted organizations, guaranteeing the most efficient use of users’ donations. The app also allows users to support over 65,000 organizations without any additional paperwork, making it easier for users to find and support their preferred causes. Serendipity App is committed to transparency and efficiency, ensuring that users’ donations go directly to the causes they care about.

Consolidated Taxes and Payment

Serendipity App simplifies the donation process by providing users with one single tax receipt for all donations, making it easy to claim taxes back, and with one single monthly payment. This streamlined approach to donation management allows users to focus on the causes they care about and eliminates the hassle of managing multiple receipts and payments.

Donation Funds and Individual Profiles

Serendipity App offers 50 actively managed Donation Funds (ETF-like) to help people support causes rather than finding a specific charity. Users can also create an individual profile on the app to track their donation impact and all the causes they have supported. This feature provides users with a comprehensive view of their donations and helps them make informed decisions about their charitable giving.

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Social Features

Serendipity App makes giving a little bit more social with the ability to follow friends, see their profile, and share the causes they support. The app’s social features help users connect with others who share their passion for charitable giving and promote a culture of altruism.

Payroll Giving

Serendipity App allows users to make donations from their gross salary or have their employer match their donations. This payroll giving feature makes it easier for users to donate regularly and provides an added incentive for employers to support charitable causes.

Vision for the Future

The ultimate vision for Serendipity App is to become the “LinkedIn for Altruism.” By creating a platform where individuals, charities, corporations, and philanthropists connect for good, Serendipity App is changing the game in the donation and charity sector. Serendipity App is committed to making giving better for everyone and promoting a culture of altruism.


Serendipity App is a revolutionary donation platform that is changing the game in the donation and charity sector. With its efficient donation platform, consolidated taxes and payment, donation funds, individual profiles, social features, and payroll giving, Serendipity App is making it easier for users to support the causes they care about. Serendipity App’s ultimate vision of becoming the “LinkedIn for Altruism” is a testament to its commitment to promoting a culture of altruism and making giving better for everyone.




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