Startup Showcase: Simpatica Group – Accelerating Hardware-centric Technology

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Are you curious about the latest hardware-centric technology and its commercialization? Look no further than Simpatica Group, a UK-based startup that aims to accelerate this process. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll take a closer look at Simpatica Group and its mission to drive synergies in the hardware industry.

Simpatica Group: A Start-Up to Keep an Eye On

As a new player in the UK start-up scene, Simpatica is already gaining momentum in the hardware-centric technology market. With a focus on accelerating product commercialization, they bring a unique approach to this sector. Simpatica combines expertise in R&D, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and operations to support other businesses and academic institutions in developing commercially viable products.

The Merger That Led to Simpatica Group

When Telemisis and Tioga merged in 2017, Simpatica Group was born. Telemisis, a leading provider of remote monitoring and control solutions, and Tioga, specialists in electronics manufacturing services, decided to join forces to push forward the commercialization of hardware-centric technology in various sectors.

Since the merger, Simpatica has also acquired other companies, such as Minima Processor, a specialist in low-power processing, and Tornado Modular Systems, which offers military-grade, modular systems. Such acquisitions have allowed Simpatica to expand its range of services and offer clients an array of solutions in different business sectors.

Simpatica Group’s Portfolio

Simpatica Group’s activities span a range of sectors, including:

  • Electronics Manufacturing Services: Offering end-to-end manufacturing services, from design to prototype and mass production
  • Industrial Internet of Things: Delivering solutions for remote monitoring and control applications in a range of industries such as energy, transportation, and agriculture
  • Medical Devices: Developing innovative medical devices, such as continuous glucose monitors and cardiac implantable devices
  • Security and Defense: Providing modular solutions for mission-critical applications such as military communication and surveillance
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What Makes Simpatica Group Stand Out

Simpatica Group’s approach to hardware-centric technology commercialization is what sets them apart from other players in the industry. By offering end-to-end services across the different stages of product development and leveraging the combined strengths of its subsidiaries, Simpatica aims to provide a seamless and efficient experience to its clients.

Moreover, Simpatica’s commitment to nurturing partnerships with academic institutions and businesses, as well as supporting their development ideas, is a unique value proposition. Such a collaborative environment can lead to more breakthrough innovations in the hardware-centric technology market.

Wrapping Up

Simpatica Group is a startup that is making waves in the hardware-centric technology industry. With its range of products and services, combined with a unique focus on collaboration and partnerships, Simpatica Group is poised to drive innovation in this burgeoning field. If you are interested in learning more about Simpatica Group, visit their website, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn pages.





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