Startup Showcase: Simply Asset Finance – Revolutionizing UK SME Funding

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For a small or medium-sized business in the UK, funding can be a challenge. When a business needs to purchase equipment or invest in new assets, they often don’t have the available cash to make these purchases outright. Traditional lenders such as banks may be reluctant to lend to SMEs, leaving businesses struggling to find the right financial solutions. This is where Simply Asset Finance comes in.

Simply Asset Finance – A Solution for All Business Sizes

Simply Asset Finance provides specialist asset finance to the UK SME market. With a focus on flexibility and innovation, they pride themselves on a better, faster, simpler service. Founded in 2017, Simply has quickly built a reputation for providing smart solutions to businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for help to release capital for reinvestment, to finance a new asset or looking for individually structured deals, Simply has you covered.

The Revolution of Simply Connect

In 2021, Simply Asset Finance revolutionized the market by launching Simply Connect. An end-to-end digital journey that allows customers to use online tools to manage their funding, from application to the final payment. Simply Connect automates the process and removes the need for paperwork or manual input, making it faster and easier for business owners to access the funding they need. The platform uses various sources of data to make it easier to approve applications without asking the customer to collect everything for them.

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Growing Positive Impacts on UK’s SME Industry

Through their flexible lending solutions and innovative online platform, Simply Asset Finance is having a positive impact on UK SME industry. Their commitment to a simpler and faster service is helping businesses to invest in new assets and grow, while also providing the support they need to succeed. Simply’s mission is to continue to challenge the traditional lending model and to make finance much easier and accessible for SMEs in the UK.


Simply Asset Finance is an innovative and forward-thinking company that is revolutionizing the way SMEs in the UK access funding. By providing a smarter, faster and simpler solution, they are making it easier for businesses to invest in new assets and grow. Simply Connect has played a vital role in this revolution and is redefining the asset finance industry in the UK. The company’s adaptive and flexible approach to lending has already had a positive impact on the SME industry, and they’re just getting started.


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