Startup Showcase: SPIN Analytics – Revolutionizing Credit Risk Management with Explainable AI

Reducing Maintenance Time by 90% and Total Costs by 70%.

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Experienced and innovative credit risk modelling and analytics solutions provider, SPIN Analytics, is shaking up the banking world with its revolutionary AI-based platform, RISKROBOT™. RISKROBOT™ combines expert judgement with AI and machine learning techniques to produce accurate and relevant predictive analytics for credit decisions and risk management. With 30 years of credit risk modelling experience encoded into its AI, SPIN Analytics provides banks with the tools to make informed decisions and control assumptions, all while saving time and money.

Accelerating Credit Risk Model Development

One of the biggest challenges in credit risk modelling is the time and effort required to develop and maintain models. SPIN Analytics’ RISKROBOT™ platform accelerates model development by 10 times, thanks to its AI-based approach. The platform can rapidly develop, validate, document and deploy credit risk models for regulatory, risk management, and business purposes. This acceleration reduces maintenance time by at least 90% and total costs by 70%, freeing up resources for other critical business operations.

All-in-One Solution for Credit Risk Management

SPIN Analytics’ RISKROBOT™ provides an all-in-one solution for credit risk management, supporting all types of credit risk models for retail and commercial products and portfolios. Its AI-based approach ensures accuracy and relevance of the predictive analytics, while the platform is encoded with all current Credit Risk Regulation and decades of experience to ensure that human experts are augmented, not replaced. This combination of expert judgement and AI means that banks can have complete confidence in their credit risk models, while still maintaining control over assumptions.

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Transparency and Explainability with RISKROBOT™

One of the biggest concerns with AI-based systems is the opacity of the decision-making process. However, SPIN Analytics’ RISKROBOT™ platform addresses this concern with its explainable AI-based approach. The platform provides transparency and explainability in the decision-making process, allowing banks to understand and control the assumptions that go into credit risk models. With RISKROBOT™, banks can be sure that they are making informed decisions and can provide an explanation to regulators and stakeholders when necessary.


SPIN Analytics’ RISKROBOT™ platform is revolutionizing credit risk management with its AI-based approach. The platform accelerates model development, reduces maintenance time and total costs, and provides an all-in-one solution for credit risk management. Its explainable AI-based approach ensures transparency and control over the assumptions that go into credit risk models. With RISKROBOT™, banks can make informed decisions and have complete confidence in their credit risk models.




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