Startup Showcase: Suments Data – Leading the Way in Privacy Solutions for Compliance Officers

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Introducing Suments Data, a pioneering company in the field of privacy, cybersecurity, data protection, and compliance. Based in Belfast, UK, Suments Data is focused on developing SaaS solutions that simplify the work of compliance officers in different industries. With their advanced software solutions and expertise, Suments Data is taking the market by storm and providing peace of mind to many businesses.

Fully Customizable Cookie Management System

One of the key offerings from Suments Data is their cookie management system. With GDPR regulations in place, it is essential for businesses to comply with cookie consent and privacy policies. Suments Data’s cookie management system simplifies this process by providing a fully customizable platform for compliance professionals. This system allows users to generate legal documentation for a website, manage their customers, and share information with them. Compliance officers can now speed up their processes while ensuring their businesses remain fully compliant.

Proactive Personal Data Leakage Prevention

Suments Data offers a range of solutions to detect personal data leaks on the web, in addition to tools to proactively prevent future leaks. There has been a significant rise in personal data breaches in recent years. Suments Data’s innovative solutions help businesses prevent and manage such breaches, ensuring their customers’ confidentiality and protecting their brand’s reputation.

Privacy & AI

Suments Data’s API services help protect personal information by removing identifiable information from documents, ensuring that the information is not exposed on the content. With their extensive experience in the industry, Suments Data is also offering AI computer vision security systems, specifically designed for dating platforms, to prevent asset theft and fraud.

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Leading the Way in compliance

Suments Data is quickly becoming the leader in compliance solutions for various industries. Businesses can now be assured that their compliance policies remain up-to-date and fully compliant with regulations, avoiding costly penalties and legal complications. The company’s innovative solutions and expert team continue to revolutionize the field, making Suments Data one of the most sought-after startups in the industry.


Suments Data is a game-changer for businesses that manage sensitive data. With their advanced software solutions and expertise, they are leading the way in privacy, cybersecurity, data protection, and compliance. The company’s customizable cookie management system, proactive personal data leakage prevention tools, and AI computer vision security systems for dating platforms are just a few examples of their innovative solutions. Suments Data is a startup to watch in the coming years as they continue to revolutionize the industry and keep businesses ahead of the curve.


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