Startup Showcase: Supercede – Revolutionizing the Reinsurance Industry

A Powerful Trading Platform for Global Reinsurance Stakeholders

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Supercede is a London-based independent reinsurance technology company that has created a data-centric, global trading platform designed to support the traditional tripartite value chain of cedents, brokers and reinsurers. Unlike other insurtech companies aiming to disintermediate the traditional insurance industry, Supercede aims to empower its stakeholders by eliminating manual admin and providing a digital ecosystem to showcase their expertise.

A Powerful Trading Platform

Supercede has developed a powerful trading platform that incorporates outwards analytics and e-placements within a global network, making reinsurance a win-win-win for all stakeholders involved. The platform offers the leading outwards analytics solution, which is an essential tool for cedents to evaluate the risk profile of their portfolios. On the other hand, brokers and reinsurers gain access to a global reinsurance network and can streamline their workflow using the platform’s intuitive placement tools.

Unhindered Collaboration

Supercede has incorporated a suite of collaboration tools into its platform to facilitate networking and collaboration among reinsurance stakeholders. Group chat threads, rapid file sharing, and workflow tools linked to every placement ensure efficient communication among all parties involved.

Optimizing Reinsurance Lifecycle

Supercede’s powerful platform optimizes the reinsurance lifecycle, starting from capturing single-entry, actuarial-grade data, to doing the deal, to driving on-going administration. This means that stakeholders can rely on Supercede’s platform to manage the entire reinsurance process, eliminating the need for manual admin and ensuring efficient management of the reinsurance lifecycle.

Changing Reinsurance for the Better

Supercede’s team is made up of industry experts, technologists, and strategists committed to changing the reinsurance industry for the better. With its powerful, Lloyd’s-recognized trading platform, Supercede is revolutionizing the way reinsurance stakeholders interact, collaborate, and optimize the reinsurance lifecycle.

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Supercede is empowering reinsurance stakeholders by providing them with a powerful digital platform to showcase their expertise and manage the reinsurance lifecycle more efficiently. The company’s vision of revolutionizing the reinsurance industry is steadily gaining traction in the market, and it won’t be long before the industry adopts this innovative approach to reinsurance.




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