Startup Showcase: talentpuddle – Finding Your Best Candidates Just Got Easier

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Attracting and retaining the right talent is a major concern for businesses worldwide. In the era of complex recruitment processes, plethora of candidates, and diverse skill sets, finding the true match for a job opening is no more a cakewalk. However, thanks to Martin Dangerfield’s talentpuddle, recruiters can now easily identify the best internal and external candidates in real-time.

Talentpuddle is a leading HR Tech startup based in Manchester, UK, that uses cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology to analyze your company’s ATS or HR data with current job requirements, to identify all possible candidate matches using competencies and not just keywords or job titles. We take a closer look at this innovative startup and how it can revolutionize the way you recruit talent for your business.

How Does Talentpuddle Work?

Talentpuddle is designed to help companies make the most out of their existing recruitment data. With Talentpuddle, you can leverage machine learning to analyze your existing ATS and HR data with your organization’s current job requirements. This enables you to identify all possible candidate matches based on competencies, rather than just keywords or job titles. This is done in real-time, which means you can instantly identify and engage with the best candidate for a role, whether sourced internally or externally.

Internal Hiring Made Easy

In addition to identifying the best external candidates for a role, Talentpuddle can improve internal mobility and lateral moves based upon the transferable skills of your employees. For internal hiring, employees can see what roles they match to, revealing job openings they might not have otherwise considered. This increases internal mobility and fosters the development of transferable skills, enabling you to retain your top talent through continual growth and development.

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Seamless Integration

As a startup, talentpuddle understands the importance of seamless integration with your existing recruitment processes. We help you integrate this exciting technology into your existing recruitment procedures, ensuring that you get value from day one. We believe that utilizing talentpuddle is one of the easiest ways to streamline your recruitment process, saving valuable time and money in the process.


In summary, talentpuddle represents a significant step forward for HR tech in the recruitment of talent. The solution is designed to make it easier to identify the best internal and external candidates, resulting in a faster and more efficient recruitment process. Talenpuddle is ideal for organizations looking to improve their recruitment process and derive meaningful business value from their existing data. The AI and machine learning technology drives the system, making it easy to identify the very best candidates for your job openings.


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