Startup Showcase: Tally Money – A Revolutionary NeoBank and Challenger Currency Provider

Empowering Consumers with a Standalone Digital Banking Platform and Physical Gold Monetary System.

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As the financial market evolves, there is a growing demand for alternative banking solutions that offer greater control, transparency, and security to consumers. Tally Money, a pioneering NeoBank and currency provider, offers an innovative monetary platform that combines the stability and value of physical gold with the convenience and flexibility of a digital banking system. In this Startup Showcase, we explore how Tally Money is redefining traditional banking with its standalone platform and hard-asset currency.

Introducing Tally Money: The Independent Monetary Platform

Tally Money is not just a digital banking platform, but an independent monetary platform that offers a new kind of currency. Each Tally unit is equivalent to one milligram of vaulted gold, which means that customers can effectively use gold as their currency while retaining the ease of using a personal bank account and a contactless debit card. By using gold as the 100% physical reserve, Tally ensures that customer funds are protected from inflation and systemic bank risks, which are common pitfalls of fiat currency-based fractional reserve banking models. The company’s use of vaulted gold as its physical reserve offers customers the ultimate choice, control, and certainty when it comes to their money, regardless of whether or not they choose to use physical or digital currency.

The Tally Money Platform: A Seamless Integration of Digital and Physical Banking

Tally Money offers a standalone digital banking platform and physical gold monetary system, which can operate together or independently, providing optimal flexibility for consumers. The digital platform offers a user-friendly interface that is accessible 24/7, and comes with features such as instant payments, real-time balances, and contactless debit cards. The physical system offers an innovative physical gold monetary system that permits customers to add or withdraw gold bullion from their Tally account quickly, easily, and securely. The platform offers an effective melding of the flexibility of modern digital banking and the stability of traditional banking backed by a precious metal. This unique approach to banking offers customers the best of both worlds, all while maintaining the convenience of a modern digital banking platform.

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The Future of Banking: Consumer Control and Independence

Tally Money’s innovative monetary platform is not only revolutionary but also long overdue. Tally offers consumers the much-needed control, independence, and peace of mind when it comes to their banking needs. The Vaulted Gold System also allows customers to grow their portfolio securely and with peace of mind. As a standalone digital banking platform and physical gold monetary system, Tally offers a new type of banking that is transparent, innovative, and consumer-oriented. As Tally Money continues to grow, we can expect the company to further revolutionize the banking industry and provide consumers with the autonomy and control they deserve.


Tally Money is a pioneering NeoBank and currency provider that offers consumers an innovative monetary platform that seamlessly integrates digital and physical banking systems. Driven by a desire to offer customers the choice, control, and certainty of their money, Tally uses gold as its physical reserve, providing ultimate protection from inflation and bank risks. With its revolutionary approach to banking, Tally is set to change the way consumers view banking and money management. For more information on Tally Money and its services, visit their website or follow them on social media channels.





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