Startup Showcase: Templar Payments™ – Simplifying Financial Services for Higher Risk Merchants

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In a world where “less is more” has become the new norm, Templar Payments™ is setting a new standard for simplifying financial services. The startup’s innovative software as a service (SaaS) solution for ISO’s (independent sales organizations) creates a frictionless user experience (UX) for higher risk merchants. The company is based in Leeds, United Kingdom, and its primary goal is to make financial services simple, reliable, and accessible.


Templar Payments™ was founded in 2020 by a group of experienced professionals from diverse industries, including financial technology, banking, software development, and sales. They saw an opportunity to fill a gap in the market for a solution that simplifies the complex and often frustrating process of managing financial services for higher-risk merchants. Templar Payments™ aims to reduce the time it takes to onboard new merchants and improve their overall experience throughout their journey.

The Solution

Templar Payments™ has developed a cutting-edge SaaS solution that streamlines the application and onboarding process for higher-risk merchants. The platform provides a secure and easy-to-use interface for merchants and ISOs to manage documents, track progress, and communicate with each other. The solution is designed to eliminate the need for long email threads, phone calls, and physical documents. The platform is easy to use, and merchants can complete the entire application and onboarding process in just a few clicks.


Templar Payments™ offers several benefits for both merchants and ISOs. For merchants, the platform simplifies the financial services process, allowing them to focus on running their business. They can complete the onboarding process faster and more efficiently, reducing the time it takes to start accepting payments. For ISOs, the solution improves the overall user experience, making it easier to onboard and manage merchants. It also reduces the risk of errors and increases transparency throughout the process.

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Templar Payments™ is revolutionizing the financial services industry by simplifying the onboarding process for higher-risk merchants. As the world continues to shift towards digital solutions, Templar Payments™ is leading the way with its innovative SaaS solution. The startup is committed to providing a reliable and seamless experience for both merchants and ISOs. In a world that’s becoming increasingly complex, Templar Payments™ is providing a much-needed solution that simplifies financial services.


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