Startup Showcase: The Move Market – Making Property Transactions Easier

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Are you tired of the traditional way of buying and selling properties? Do you want a quicker and more transparent process? Look no further than The Move Market – an online property marketplace connecting buyers and sellers. In this Startup Showcase, we explore how The Move Market is revolutionizing the property market.

What is The Move Market?

The Move Market is an online platform where buyers can browse available properties and sellers can list their properties for sale. What sets The Move Market apart from traditional estate agents is their auction system. Sellers choose an auction type, and buyers place their bids directly with the seller. The process is more transparent and faster than the traditional method, allowing both parties to reach an agreement in a set timeframe.

How it works

The sellers list their properties on The Move Market platform, and buyers can search through the listings. When a buyer is interested in a property, they can place a bid. The process is straightforward, and buyers are kept informed of any updates on the property’s auction, including the end time and the current price. If a buyer wins the auction, the buyer and seller are then put in contact to finalize the transaction.

More Auction Types

The Move Market has three auction types – blind, public, and standard auctions. Blind auctions are perfect for buyers who want to keep their bids confidential. Public auctions allow all interested buyers to see the bid history. Standard auctions have fixed end times, while extended auctions increase the end time automatically each time a bid is received near the end to allow other buyers a chance to respond.

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Benefits for Buyers

The Move Market offer buyers a more transparent and streamlined process to buy properties. Buyers can keep track of the auction process and have the advantage of placing bids directly with the seller. They are also guaranteed a set timeframe to reach an agreement with the seller, without any last-minute changes to the asking price.

Benefits for Sellers

Sellers can take advantage of The Move Market’s auction process by having direct contact with interested buyers. They also have more control over the auction process, have a faster transaction process, and can ensure that previous buyers are notified if they switch estate agents.


The Move Market is a game-changer for anyone looking to buy or sell property. With their innovative auction system and easy-to-use platform, buying and selling a property has never been easier. The Move Market is perfect for anyone looking for a more transparent, faster, and more efficient way to buy or sell properties.





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