Startup Showcase: The Ozone Project – Building a Trustworthy Platform for Programmatic Advertising

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As an advertiser in today’s digital landscape, it can be difficult to navigate the murky waters of programmatic advertising. Without transparency, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle, waste ad spend, and even damage your brand’s reputation. That’s where The Ozone Project comes in, providing a truly transparent and brand-safe platform for advertisers to directly access a highly attentive audience.

Founded in 2018, The Ozone Project is based in London, England, and has since built an ecosystem that challenges the traditional rules of engagement in digital advertising. With a focus on transparency, brand safety, and ease of access, The Ozone Project is connecting marketers with large-scale audiences in trusted content environments.

Direct Access to a Highly Attentive Audience

With access to an audience of 44 million highly attentive readers, The Ozone Project gives advertisers direct access to individuals who trust the content they’re viewing. Unlike other programmatic advertising platforms, The Ozone Project provides quality audiences at scale in a completely brand-safe, transparent, and trustworthy environment. This level of transparency is essential for advertisers who want to ensure that their campaigns are being seen by real people and not bots.

Built for Transparency

One of the key features of The Ozone Project’s platform is its commitment to transparency. By providing advertisers with information on where their ads are being placed, they can be confident that their brand is not being associated with content that doesn’t align with their values. This is an essential feature for brands that want to maintain a positive image in the minds of their customers.

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Unique Audience Insights to Create Rich Campaigns

The Ozone Project’s platform not only provides transparency and brand safety but also uses unique audience insights to help brands create rich campaigns that lead to tangible business results. By understanding the demographics and interests of their audience, brands can create highly targeted campaigns that resonate with their target customer.


The Ozone Project is disrupting the world of programmatic advertising by bringing transparency, brand safety, and trust to the open web. Their platform is built for advertisers who want to connect with highly attentive audiences in trusted content environments while ensuring that their brand stays safe from association with harmful or low-quality content. With their unique insights and commitment to trust, The Ozone Project is poised to become a leader in programmatic advertising.




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