Startup Showcase: The Ticket Bank – Providing Access to Life-Changing Events

How The Ticket Bank is bridging the gap between event tickets and disadvantaged individuals.

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As a startup showcase, we are thrilled to introduce The Ticket Bank, a social enterprise based in Sheffield, England. Founded in 2018, The Ticket Bank is making waves in the events industry by providing access to life-changing cultural experiences to disadvantaged individuals.

The Ticket Bank is a unique and innovative platform that matches unused event tickets to marginalized individuals through working with charities and event organizers. In this article, we will delve into how The Ticket Bank is making a difference in the community, their impact on the events industry, and the future of their mission.

Matchmaking Tickets with Community Projects

What sets The Ticket Bank apart is that they do not solely rely on purchasing event tickets for beneficiaries. Instead, they take an innovative approach by partnering with event organizers, charities, and community organizations to redistribute unused event tickets for free. This approach avoids any immediate costs and ensures that unused tickets have a second chance to create a meaningful impact in the community.

The Ticket Bank has partnered with several charities and organizations across the UK, including St. Wilfrid’s Centre, which provides support to vulnerable individuals in Sheffield. By working together, The Ticket Bank has been able to provide tickets to a range of events, from concerts and theatre productions to sports games and art exhibitions. These events have had a positive impact on the well-being of beneficiaries while enabling them to participate in social and cultural experiences they would not have had access to otherwise.

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Creating a More Inclusive Events Industry

The Ticket Bank’s unique approach to redistributing event tickets has the potential to create a more inclusive events industry. By providing tickets to individuals who may not have had the opportunity to attend otherwise, The Ticket Bank is helping to break down the social and economic barriers that can prevent marginalized people from accessing and participating in arts and culture events. This effort aligns with the British Culture Secretary’s recent announcement to create a more accessible arts sector.

Moreover, The Ticket Bank operates under a socially conscious model, making a positive impact on society, unlike traditional ticket reselling platforms that operate solely for profit. Their approach is an inspiration for other organizations operating in the industry.

The Future of The Ticket Bank

As we have seen, The Ticket Bank is making a difference in the community and aims to increase ticket donations to more community projects. Their mission is to tackle social exclusion by providing a diverse range of opportunities to marginalized individuals across the country.

The Ticket Bank’s aspirations are not limited to the UK. They plan to expand their model globally and create partnerships that will push their mission one step further. They have the potential to change the game entirely for ticket distribution, creating a more holistic and inclusive industry.


We cannot help but be impressed by the commendable work that The Ticket Bank is doing to create a more inclusive society. Their socially conscious approach is bridging the gap between event tickets and disadvantage, providing access to exciting cultural experiences that enrich the lives of beneficiaries.

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As they continue to grow, we hope to see more of their impact on the events industry, and potential new partnerships across the globe.





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