Revolutionizing E-learning with Blockchain, AI and Gaming Technologies

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UK-based educational startup TRAIVIS is set to revolutionize the E-learning industry with its cutting-edge solutions based on Blockchain, AI and gaming technologies.

TRAIVIS’s Unique Solution Model

The challenges of the E-learning industry, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, have forced TRAIVIS to come up with unique solutions to tackle the existing problems. These solutions are based on the integration of AI, Blockchain and gaming technologies. TRAIVIS has designed eight solutions that work together as elements of the TRAIVIS ecosystem:

  • Course Recommender System: AI-powered course recommendations based on learners’ interests and abilities.
  • Learning Style Recommender System: AI-powered adaptive learning based on learners’ preferred learning style.
  • Chatbot: AI-powered personalized support for learners.
  • Grade Prediction: AI-powered prediction of learners’ future grades based on their past performance.
  • Metaverse (TRAIVERSE): Blockchain-powered virtual reality space for learners to collaborate and interact.
  • Certificate Verification: Blockchain-powered verification of online issued certificates.
  • TRAIVIS (TRVS) Tokens: Blockchain-powered cryptocurrency for learners to use as rewards and incentives.
  • E-sport Tournaments (Learning War): Gaming-powered E-sport tournaments with learning objectives.

TRAIVIS’s Partnerships with Well-Known Universities

TRAIVIS has secured partnerships with a number of well-known universities in the UK and around the world, including the University of Sunderland, Sunderland College, Newcastle College, University of Vigo, University of Unicamp Brazil and University Raharja Indonesia. These collaborations provide TRAIVIS with access to industry-leading experts and resources to ensure the highest quality of education for its learners.

TRAIVIS’s Impact on the E-learning Industry

TRAIVIS’s unique solution model based on Blockchain, AI and gaming technologies has the potential to revolutionize the E-learning industry. TRAIVIS’s solutions tackle the existing challenges of the E-learning industry, offering learners personalized learning experiences, reliable course completion and certification, and a sense of community through virtual collaboration and E-sport tournaments.

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TRAIVIS’s online educational business, built on the principles of sector-leading pedagogies and cutting edge Blockchain, AI and gaming technologies, is a game-changer in the E-learning industry. With its unique solution model and strategic partnerships, TRAIVIS is poised to transform the way we learn, collaborate, and engage with education.





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