Startup Showcase: Travellar – Your Social Travel Companion

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Travelling solo can be daunting, especially when you are far from home in a new and unfamiliar place. But what if there was an app that allowed you to explore like a local and connect with other travellers? Enter Travellar, the social travel app designed to make solo travelling easier. This Startup Showcase will delve into how Travellar is changing the way we travel one trip at a time.

Discover Activities While Travelling

Travellar connects you with like-minded travellers by allowing you to discover and join the best activities around, whether it’s exploring hidden gems, tasting local cuisine or going on a hike. You can check the quality rating of the host’s previous activities and see the interests and travel experience of other participants before deciding on date and time for the activity. This innovative approach to travel enables travellers to create the trip of their dreams with the guidance of knowledgeable locals or by joining forces with other solo travellers.

Host an Activity and Lead the Way

For the adventurous traveller who loves to blaze their own trail, Travellar offers curated activity templates recommended by locals to help you start your own adventure in a destination you haven’t been to before. The Travellar app allows you to create your own activities on the spot for others to join, giving you the freedom to lead the way and have an authentic travel experience. Additionally, you can easily see the reliability of participants to know if they tend to attend the activities they join, making planning easier and more enjoyable.

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Travellar – Never Travel Alone Again

Travellar empowers travellers to explore the world without compromising their safety or sense of adventure. The app makes solo travelling easier by putting users in touch with each other, and creating a shared experience along the way. Travellar is the perfect solution for those who want to travel solo, but not entirely alone. With Travellar, you can discover new destinations, connect with locals and other travellers, and have an unforgettable travel experience.

Travellar has been featured on BBC News, and the app has received rave reviews from happy travellers worldwide. It is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. To learn more about Travellar or to start planning your next trip, visit their website and connect with them on social media.


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