Startup Showcase: Tumelo – Giving A Voice To All Investors

Tumelo is revolutionising the investment industry one share at a time.

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As we step into the digital age and become more aware of our surroundings, there is a significant shift in the way we approach our investments. With sustainability and social impact becoming the norm, Tumelo is a startup that is leading the charge in changing the way we view investing. Tumelo provides a platform for retail investors and pension members to make their voices heard and participate in a more sustainable financial system. By partnering with investment and pension providers, Tumelo’s primary goal is to give every investor a voice.

What is Tumelo?

Tumelo is a financial technology firm with a mantra to change the way investors engage, invest, and communicate with companies. The company was founded in Bristol in 2017 and has since then made its way into the investment industry with a unique and ground-breaking approach. Tumelo’s solution is white-label software that can be integrated with existing investment platforms. By doing so, they assist investment providers to offer transparency to their customers over the companies they own and to give their shareholders a voice on the issues they care about.

The mission of Tumelo

Tumelo’s mission is to provide every investor the ability to make a difference with their investments. The company is focused on promoting sustainable investments and advocating for more significant shareholder engagement. Tumelo believes that every investor has the power to impact positive change in the companies they invest in. Their philosophy is rooted in the idea of empowering retail investors to participate in this change.

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The benefits of Tumelo

  • Transparency: Tumelo believes transparency is the key to driving change. Their white-label software provides investors with transparency on the companies they own and the social and ethical issues they care about. Through Tumelo’s dashboard, investors can access information about company behaviour and ESG performance.
  • Shareholder engagement: Tumelo’s white-label software makes it easy for investors to participate in shareholder engagement. Tumelo provides a platform for investors to communicate with companies on the issues that matter to them.
  • Impact investing: Tumelo’s platform is designed for investors who want to invest in companies that align with their values. Tumelo’s white-label software enables investors to make informed decisions on the companies they invest in and the social and environmental impacts they have.


Tumelo is a London-based start-up with a clear mission to create a more sustainable financial system. Their unique approach to investment and their focus on transparency and shareholder engagement has made them a well-known and respected player in the investment industry. Tumelo’s white-label software delivers a powerful solution to investment and pension providers, allowing them to offer customers an unprecedented level of transparency and participation. With Tumelo’s innovative approach, investors can finally make a positive difference in the companies they invest in. If you are an investor or pension member, Tumelo offers a unique opportunity to have your voice heard and make a difference.


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