Startup Showcase: UB Hair – The AI-Driven Marketplace for Hair Services

Find your perfect hairstylist/barber based on your hair type, location & style.

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UB hair is not just any ordinary marketplace app, but an AI-driven platform that connects users with hairstylists and barbers based on their hair type, preferred style, and location. With its innovative technology and seamless user experience, UB Hair has become a popular choice among hair and beauty enthusiasts in London and beyond. In this startup showcase, we take a closer look at how UB Hair is revolutionizing the way we get our hair done.

What is UB Hair?

As we introduced earlier, UB Hair is a mobile marketplace app that incorporates artificial intelligence to match users with the best hairstylists/barbers based on their hair type, preferred style, price, and location. The app serves two primary purposes – connecting users to hairstylists/barbers (B2C) and connecting hairstylists/barbers (B2B) to users based on their services.

How does UB Hair work?

UB Hair’s algorithm uses data-driven insights to match users with the most suitable hairstylists/barbers in their area. Users simply have to enter their hair texture, hairstyle preference, and location, and the app will provide them with a list of hairstylists/barbers that meet their criteria. The app also offers a wide range of services, including haircuts, hair coloring, braiding, and more.

The benefits of using UB Hair

One of the primary benefits of using UB Hair is the convenience it offers. The app allows users to book appointments at their preferred location and time, eliminating the need to travel to a salon or wait in long queues. Furthermore, because users can choose hairstylists based on their hair type and preferred style, they are more likely to be satisfied with the outcome. On the other hand, hairstylists can easily reach a broader audience and grow their business through the app.

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UB Hair’s advanced salon software management

UB Hair’s salon software management system is another standout feature of the app. The platform offers a range of tools to manage and grow hairstylists’ client base, including detailed client appointment history, booking preferences, future bookings, and contact details. The software also provides analytics on client behavior and feedback to help hairstylists improve their services and build lasting relationships with their clients.


UB Hair is a revolutionary platform that has successfully merged technology and beauty to create a seamless user experience. Its AI-driven algorithm and advanced salon management software are unparalleled in the industry, making it a standout app in the ever-growing beauty-tech space. Whether you’re a user looking for a hairstylist or a hairstylist looking to grow your business, UB Hair is an app that you should definitely check out.





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