Startup Showcase: UrbanChain – Revolutionizing the Energy Market with Blockchain and AI

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As climate change continues to be a pressing issue, more and more people are turning towards renewable energy solutions. However, the current energy market is still heavily dependent on fossil fuels, and renewable energy providers often struggle to break into the mainstream market. UrbanChain aims to address this by developing a distributed energy management system that allows for peer-to-peer exchange of energy between consumers and renewable energy generators. The system enables consumers to choose and purchase energy directly from renewable energy providers, thereby reducing energy costs and carbon footprint.

UrbanChain utilizes the power of blockchain and artificial intelligence to create a local energy market, where renewable energy providers can sell their excess energy to consumers nearby. The system tracks energy production, consumption, and transaction data in real-time on a distributed ledger, which enables secure and transparent transactions.

Bringing True Market Value to Renewable Energy Providers

UrbanChain’s peer-to-peer exchange system empowers renewable energy providers by allowing them to sell energy directly to consumers, removing the need for third parties and traditional energy suppliers. This streamlines the process of energy trading and provides greater transparency and flexibility to all parties involved.

Furthermore, UrbanChain’s virtual power plant (VPP) system enables smaller renewable energy generators to pool their resources and sell their energy collectively at a competitive price point. This enables them to compete with traditional energy providers and secure long-term stability in an increasingly crowded market.

Building a Sustainable Future with UrbanChain

As the world moves closer towards a net-zero carbon future, UrbanChain is poised to be at the center of the energy revolution. Their innovative energy exchange system has already attracted significant attention from industry leaders and regulators alike, and it is an exciting time for the company as they expand their offerings worldwide.

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UrbanChain has recently been accredited with Ofgem and Innovation Link, demonstrating that their solution meets industry standards and best practices. The company is headquartered in Manchester, UK but is already making strides in the global market, attracting partnerships and collaborations across Europe and Asia.


UrbanChain is transforming the way we think about energy, bringing transparency and choice to the market while simultaneously encouraging renewable energy solutions. Their innovative use of blockchain, AI, and IoT technology is disrupting the traditional energy market and empowering renewable energy providers across the UK and around the world. As we move towards an increasingly sustainable future, the work of UrbanChain is vital in ensuring that we get there efficiently and effectively.


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