Startup Showcase: Valla Industries – Data-driven Tools for the Legal Industry

Revolutionizing the Legal Sector through Advanced Data Analysis.

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As the world grows more complex, so does the legal sector. Valla Industries, a cutting-edge legal technology start-up, recognizes that the vast amount of legal data is an untapped gold mine. Founded in 2019 by legal technology entrepreneur, Ali Baghaei, Valla is on a mission to transform the legal industry through its high-end data-driven tools.

Revolutionizing Legal Insights

Valla’s proprietary algorithm enables it to crawl through extensive legal case data correlation to produce more than a million data points per day. The organization’s advanced data analysis can extract the essential information from millions of pages of case law and present it in a simplified format. The software presents intuitive visualizations of the relationships between cases enabling lawyers to better understand how previous cases have affected their current suits.

This kind of advanced analysis enables clients to gain a deeper insight into the current legal landscape and make more informed decisions. It can help identify changes in legal trends and emerging risks or opportunities.

Revamping the Decision-making Process

The legal industry is notorious for being time-consuming and often confusing. Attorneys are required to analyze and interpret vast amounts of data which can be a bottleneck in the decision-making process. It can often take several weeks to analyze data and present findings to clients.

However, Valla’s advanced data-driven tools reduce the time and cost required to conduct extensive data searches. The software crawls through vast amounts of data and, using advanced data science techniques, extracts the relevant information in a fraction of the time. This provides attorneys with more data-driven insights, freeing up time for more significant tasks and clients.

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Revolutionizing Legal Technology

Valla is on the cusp of providing clients with a game-changing way of handling legal cases. Through their visionary approach, they are providing a unique, data-driven approach that sets them apart in the legal sector. Furthermore, the entire legal industry has seen a surge of interest in data-driven solutions, and Valla is firmly in the driver’s seat. They have become a strong advocate for the need of contemporary legal technology, providing new ideas and fresh perspectives to the sector.


Valla Industries is a game-changing start-up that provides a unique approach to legal technology. Through their innovative use of advanced data analysis, they deliver results that make the legal industry more efficient, effective, and client-focused. Their mission is simple: bring transparency to the legal industry and ensure clients have access to relevant data that can change their lives.


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