Startup Showcase: WELD Health Ltd – Revolutionizing the Health & Fitness Marketplace

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The health and fitness industry has long been plagued with issues that have made it difficult for small gyms/studios and health professionals to make ends meet. With big studios taking advantage of customers and instructors, the industry has seen a decline in the number of small players in the market. WELD is looking to change this by introducing a one-to-one, group and user generated group training platform that benefits everyone.

The WELD Solution

WELD is a health and fitness marketplace platform that brings together small gyms/studios, health professionals and users in a single platform. The platform focuses on four key pillars of leading an active life – Wellbeing, Exercise, Lifestyle & Diet. WELD allows health and fitness professionals to create a profile and showcase their services to potential customers who can book sessions directly with them. This not only helps users to find the right health professional to help them achieve their fitness goals, but also benefits small gyms and studios that don’t have the resources to create an online platform of their own.

Bringing Innovation to the Health & Fitness Market

What sets WELD apart from other online marketplaces is its focus on user-generated group training. The platform allows users to set up their own group training sessions and invite others to join in. This not only encourages a sense of community among users but also helps health professionals to increase their client base through referrals. In addition, WELD also offers 1-1 and group training sessions with health professionals, making it a one-stop-shop for all fitness needs.

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WELD is revolutionizing the health and fitness marketplace by introducing a platform that benefits small gyms/studios, health professionals, and users. The platform’s focus on user-generated group training and a one-to-one approach ensures that users can find the right health professional to help them achieve their fitness goals. With WELD, the health and fitness industry is set to see a much-needed change for the better.




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