Startup Showcase: WholeLot – Connecting Businesses and Customers Locally and Globally

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As the world becomes increasingly digital, businesses are seeking new ways to reach customers across channels. WholeLot is a London-based startup that enables registered businesses to sell their products or services to local customers and on 15+ e-commerce and social platforms. By connecting businesses with customers locally and globally, WholeLot streamlines the supply chain and removes geographical barriers to growth.

WholeLot’s Innovative Business Model

WholeLot provides a platform for registered businesses to upload their products, which WholeLot then sells on their behalf. The platform also provides credit facilities and working capital analytics to improve financial management for businesses. With WholeLot’s iOS and Android app, businesses can receive orders from local customers, monitor orders, and update status for real-time tracing from order acceptance to delivery. Additionally, WholeLot offers automatic inventory, point of sales, staff management, and expense and business analytics software.

WholeLot’s mPay feature allows businesses to take payments with a simple mobile number or QR code, with no payment gateway charges when transferring to another WholeLot account. With this innovative payment method, businesses can receive payments from customers without the need for traditional payment processing solutions.

Connecting Customers with Local Businesses

WholeLot’s customer app, available on iOS and Android, connects customers with local businesses. Customers can shop locally from any registered business on the platform, which can sometimes result in a delivery within 15 minutes due to WholeLot’s mapping system. Food, table reservations, catering, appointments, and event tickets can also be booked through WholeLot.

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Growing Business Opportunities for Everyone

WholeLot allows businesses to map advertising, sponsorships, and business opportunities from one another, opening up new revenue streams for participants. This has proven to be especially beneficial for small-to-medium-sized businesses who may struggle to promote themselves in a competitive market.


WholeLot is an innovative solution for businesses to sell their products locally and globally. By removing the constraints of traditional channels and enabling businesses to receive orders from local customers, WholeLot streamlines the supply chain for businesses and opens up new revenue streams. We can expect to see innovative features added to the platform as WholeLot continues to grow.


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