Startup Showcase: Window Seater – Connecting Travellers to the World Outside Their Window

Experience a New Way of Travelling with Window Seater – a Startup Showcasing the Best Rail Audio Stories.

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Window Seater, an innovative London-based startup, is changing the way people travel. By curating a unique storytelling experience for rail travellers, Window Seater connects passengers to the world outside their window. It offers high-quality geolocated audio stories that link all the fascinating features, such as landmarks, sights, and attractions, along a route, providing a unique and personalised perspective on the journey.

Enhancing Travelling Experience for Rail Passengers

Window Seater is more than a rail audio entertainment service. It offers train operating companies and other rail organizations tailored, engaging, and relevant content that enhances customer experience. According to user data, Window Seater has increased customer enjoyment by over 20%, demonstrating its value in meeting the changing needs and expectations of customers who want more than just a train ride.

Partnership Opportunities in Innovative Marketing

Window Seater also offers innovative partnership marketing opportunities to help companies and organisations engage with their customers better. By partnering with Window Seater, businesses can devise creative promotional campaigns that align with the storytelling platform’s narrative and promote local stories from communities around the UK. The company was awarded funding by the Department for Transport and Innovate UK through their ‘First of a Kind’ innovation competition in July 2021, partnering with Community Rail Network to further expand its reach.

Creating a Unique Experience for Train Passengers

The partnership with Community Rail Network will allow for the creation of exclusive content that showcases lesser-known destinations and their history, providing a unique experience for passengers. The storytelling platform also focuses on sustainability and encourages customers to explore areas easily accessible by public transport and promoting rail travel as a means of sustainable tourism.

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Window Seater is leading the charge for change in the rail industry, setting a standard for other companies to follow in enhancing the travel experience for customers. With the commitment to sustainability and innovative solutions for promoting rail travel, Window Seater is a trailblazer in the industry.


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