Startup Showcase: YEP! Industries – Discover Local Independent Beverages with Personal AI Recommendations

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YEP! Industries is a unique and innovative startup based in London, England. Founded by two passionate entrepreneurs who believe in preserving the culture and traditions of our society, YEP! is working towards building highly efficient beverage trading formats from independent producers to provide top-rated local brands for craft drink lovers.

Through YEP!, customers can get highly personalized recommendations based on their unique taste preferences using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, ultimately providing the most optimal user experience. YEP! is bringing exceptional beverage experiences closer to people, creating unforgettable memories with every sip.

Multi-Format Service Providing Local Beverages from Independent Producers

YEP! Industries is not your typical beverage vendor. By building highly efficient trading formats, we enable consumers to access local small producers of alcoholic beverages that are not commonly available in the market. Our unique service offers an interactive experience that encourages consumers to discover new drinks and broaden their horizons.

Our service offerings include digital pickup stores, fast delivery, and in-store shopping. No matter the chosen format, we provide a hassle-free experience that ensures customer satisfaction from personalized recommendations to on-demand beverage deliveries.

Personalized Recommendations Using AI Technologies

YEP! Industries uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to recommend beverages based on our customers’ taste preferences. By providing highly personalized recommendations, we aim to bring customers closer to their beverage choices, ultimately providing an exceptional beverage experience with every sip.

Our AI algorithms are highly intuitive, anticipating customer selections for future orders. This enables us to provide customers with their desired drinks with just a few clicks, without wasting any time.

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Our founders have more than 15 years of experience in building companies in different industries. Over the past few years, they have created innovative companies in the alcohol market and understand it well. Having met while studying at a business school, they decided to combine their experience and expertise in retail and building digital products to build a truly outstanding company in the European market.


In an era where personalization is key, YEP! Industries offers a unique and innovative way of bringing consumers closer to their drink choices. By providing highly personalized recommendations based on AI technologies, we enable customers to discover local small producers that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Our multi-format service offerings ensure convenience and customer satisfaction at every point in the customer journey. YEP! is the perfect choice for anyone looking to discover new local independent beverages, and we are excited to be on this journey with you.




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